20 Popular Sexiest Accents or Top Sexiest Languages in World to Learn

In the globalized age of today, one can easily find some of the top sexiest languages in the world that are actually regarded as the world’s most romantic languages amongst males and females. Studies have found that men and women across the world have found a new love in learning a new language to impress the one they love. Yes!! Its true. The dating behavior says that apart from physical appearance and other traits, language or the accent is something which attracts one person to another. As per a recent survey, almost 40% of women get attracted by men, who have a unique style of accent or way of talking.

Why These Languages Are Deal Breakers?

As mentioned above, some languages have an intrinsic romantic and seductive appeal in them, for example, Italian is lyrical, French is romantic and Spanish is passionate in nature. Hence, no matter, it is about wooing a girl/ boy or simply cracking a deal with your client, language plays an important role to serve your purpose. What happens is that every accent or dialect of the language you use is unique in itself. It consists of number of elements, such as tempo, inflection, tone and vocabulary. These elements differ between countries and even within regions of the same country. This varying combination of the elements makes the languages as most attractive and seductive to ear. Thus, we couldn’t resist to be intrigued by the person, who speaks such languages.

To cut the long story short, learning the top most popular languages can actually act as your ally and help you in different spheres of human life. Within the business sphere, your language is the most important thing that can either ruin your plan or succeed it to a new height. Henceforth, industry gurus recommend individuals to be versed in one or two sexiest languages that can make one rich and successful.

Top Sexiest Accents in the World

Now when you know that learning a new language, especially the most demanded ones, is very important for every individual, you must know about what are the top sexiest languages to learn & speak for men and women.

● Irish
● Swedish
● French
● German
● Dutch
● Spanish
● Italian
● British English
● Australian
● Welsh
● American
● Japanese
● Arabic
● Scottish
● British Oxford
● Russian
● Nigerian
● Brazilian Portuguese
● Norwegian
● Trinidadian

These are the most spoken languages, in terms of their seductive appeal. Learning one of them as your second or third language can be like a golden egg in your hand. You’ll not just explore opportunities in your professional life, but also in your personal life.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose a language of your choice and get started with the learning part. Remember, learning always proves to be fruitful to a person at different stages of his life; and who knows when you come across a situation, where speaking a second language becomes mandatory to you.

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