ISO accredited professional Indian and foreign language translation services in 250+ languages with fast, secure, accurate format on a 24/7 time basis. Our native Indian and foreign language translators work in all time zones for all types of industries, like technical, medical, tourism, legal, engineering, IT, real estate, mining and so on. With such a wide base of expertise in industries, our services for professional Indian and Foreign Language Translations are delivered in New Delhi India NCR Mumbai UAE Chandigarh Kolkata Chennai Amritsar Hyderabad Bangalore and worldwide. Further, we also boast of an experienced team of certified Indian and foreign language interpreters who excel at providing all types of Indian and Foreign Language interpretation services. Hence, TridIndia umbrella covers all sorts of language solutions that you may need. But, there is an additional way through our Indian and foreign language translation company can help you cover a maximum part of your target country. It is termed as quality Indian and foreign language localization services. We localize all types of websites, mobile apps, video games, software and others at very feasible rates.

TridIndia Provides Premium Quality Translation Services for the following Languages:

African Languages Asian Languages European Languages Middle East Languages Indian Languages
Afrikaans Bahasa Albanian Arabic Assamese
Amharic Bhutanese (Dzongkha) Belarusian Armenian Bengali
Somali Burmese Bosnian Azerbaijani Bodo
Swahili Chinese Bulgarian Berber Dogri
Twi Filipino Catalan Dari(Afghan Persian) Gujarati
Zulu Japanese Croatian Georgian Hindi
Dzongkha Khmer Cambodian) Czech Hebrew Kannada
Korean Danish Kazakh Kashmiri
Lao Dutch Kurdish Konkani
Malay English Kyrgyz Maithili
Maldivian Dhivehi Estonian Pashto Malayalam
Sinhala Finnish Persian Meitei
Thai French Tajik Marathi
Vietnamese Frisian Turkish Nepali
Philippine German Turkmen Oriya
Greek Uzbek Punjabi
Hungarian Sanskrit
Irish Santali
Italian Sindhi
Latin Tamil
Latvian Telugu
Lithuanian Urdu

In a nutshell, TridIndia is a leading service provider of accurate language translation all across the world. The rapid growth of cutting edge technologies is helping worlds economy to attain a new height. Several industrial sectors play important roles in achieving this growth such as petroleum industry, chemical industry, automotive industry, electronic industry, hospitality industry, software industry, food industry and much more. In all this process, communication is the key player as reaching to millions of people requires uninterrupted communication. Moreover, as a result of cultural diversity, the count of the number of languages spoken in a region or in the world as a whole is on higher side. Hence, businesses must consider translation as a priority.

Our Stringent Policy

At TridIndia, our language experts believe that the highest quality of translation can only be provided by human translators. Thus we are strictly against machine translation as humans provide far more superior quality translation than machines. Following this policy since a long time, we have emerged as the most trustworthy translation company in the domain

Professional Technical Translation Services

Technical translation is a type of specialized translation involving the translation of documents produced by technical writers (owner's manuals, user guides, etc.), or more specifically, texts which relate to technological subject areas or texts which deal with the practical application of scientific and technological information. Technical translation is very different from the other forms of translation as it needs additional skills and knowledge. TridIndia specializes in providing professional technical translation services. TridIndia translators are domain specific engineers with immense industrial experience and have in-depth knowledge of science and technology. Our translators are always updated with the latest advancements and developments in the field of science. This knowledge in turn helps translators to use subject specific terminologies for accurate and reliable technical translation.

Full Language Translation Support

Owing to our immense proficiency in all the Indian and foreign languages, we aim to provide full language translation support to the clients. The above table that describes the wide range of our translation services is an appropriate testament to the translation support that we claim. Further, our translation services are not just limited to mere translation; rather it undergoes a complete rigorous quality check procedure for delivering error-free translations at clients end.

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