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Fastest professional Simplified & Traditional Chinese Translation Services by 4000+ certified Chinese translators who offer accurate Translation Services in Chinese language for government, public and private sectors. Our native experts have been working in 250+ languages for multiple industries, like legal, technical, medical, engineering, Shipping, NGOs, mining, media, oil & gas and so forth. Thus, we have established as a well-known global Chinese Language Translation services company in New Delhi India UAE Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Kolkata Chennai and worldwide. To put it in simple words, we’ve successfully handled the large-scale requirements of high-profile clients across the globe and easily manage complex assignments coming from your end.

Chinese Translation Services in Delhi Mumbai India Uae

☞ Characteristic Features of Chinese Language

■ Nearly 1.2 billion people in the entire world, speak Chinese as their first language

■ Chinese is known to be the first language that was written in Latin alphabets by Western Christian missionaries

■ Over the centuries, Chinese has been phonetically transcribed into a variety of writing systems

■ The written and spoken varieties of Chinese language exhibits a drastic difference between the two

■ Local varieties of Chinese are classified into 7 dialect sections, viz. Mandarin, Wu, Gan, Min, Hakka, Xiang and Yue

☞ Pros of Translating Chinese Language

chinese-language-translation-company● Increase in the number of prospective or potential customers

● Investor programs for Immigrants from all over the world are flooded with applicants from China

● Translation in Chinese language is your gateway towards stepping into various industries, viz. coal mining, electricity generation, iron and steel, cement production and so on

● The average monthly income from Chinese tourism is about US$ 1900. This makes the Chinese tourism industry a beneficial arena for investment and business growth. The total number of Chinese tourists reached almost 54.1 million in 2014

☞ Applications of Chinese Translation Services

1. Technical Translation

content writingBacked by comprehensive network of industry specialists, we translate all types of technical manuals, technical brochures, system requirement documents, patents, safety reports, installation instructions, technical training material, data sheets and much more.

2. Certificate Translation

certificate translation  Be it any type of certificate or document that needs to be translated, we are a one-stop shop for all your translation specific requirements. Our team specializes in the translation of adoption certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, police clearance certificates, immigration certificates and so on.

3. Android App Translation

android app translationDon’t just limit your apps’ sales to one market. In order to expand your business operations in the overseas market, you should localize and translate your mobile app into different languages. Thus, our android app translation services enable entrepreneurs to gain huge margins of profits via authentic translation services offered by us.

4. Translation for Tourism and Hospitality

medical translationAssociated with a number of high-end agencies, such as car rental agencies, hotels, restaurants, booking and reservation agencies, we endeavour to deliver error-free and authentic translation services to the clients in a short period of time.

“This is just an overview of the services offered by us. There a number of other translation services as well, that are rendered TridIndia”

☞ Unanimity with Excellence

Chinese Language Translation

Owing to our deep-rooted knowledge and expertise in the domain, our translation services have become unanimous with various terms, such as excellence, brilliance, perfection and authenticity. Aiming towards comprehensive customer satisfaction, we do not let even a single detail missed out while translating documents and various marketing materials. Further, our team ensures to deliver the translation assignment within stipulated time frame at very negligible rates.

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