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Interesting Facts about French Language (le français)

  • French is widely spoken by approximately 220 million people
  • Almost 80 million French natives live in parts of Canada and Western Europe.
  • The Red Cross, Interpol, the UN, the European Union and Numerous other international organizations use French language
  • French is ranked as the third most useful language for business (according to Bloomberg Businessweek).
  • It is the official language of France, and one of the official languages in Switzerland, Monaco, Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium, Africa and South America.
  • It is often referred to as the language of diplomacy.

French Alphabet


Where is French Spoken

France Cameroon Switzerland
Morocco Burundi Chad
Côte d’Ivoire Belgium Madagascar
Rwanda Algeria Djibouti
Equatorial Guinea Benin Mali
Niger Monaco               Comoros
Réunion Senegal Luxembourg
Central African Republic Mauritius Burkina Faso
Togo New Caledonia Canada
Gabon Haiti Seychelles
Guadeloupe French Guiana Guinea
Martinique French Polynesia Democratic Republic of the Congo
Tunisia Vanuatu  

French Dialects

  • Meridional: Spoken in Occitania
  • Acadian: Spoken in Magdalen Islands, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine
  • Swiss: Spoken by communities in western Switzerland
  • Creole: Spoken in parts of Illinois and California and Louisiana
  • Metropolitan: Spoken in Paris
  • Quebec: Spoken in Quebec, New England, Ontario and Western Canada
  • Belgian: Spoken in northeast of France in Belgium
  • Maghreb: Spoken in African regions of Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Tunisia

Basic Info about French Native Country

  • Country: France
  • Capital: Paris
  • Population: 66.03 million (2013)
  • GDP (per capita): 42,503.30 USD (2013)
  • President: François Hollande
  • Prime Minister: Manuel Valls
  • Government Type: Republic
  • Currency: Euro, CFP franc
  • Ease of Doing Business Rank: 34th
  • Unemployment Rate: 10.5%
  • Major Industries: Machinery, tourism, aircraft, chemicals, textiles, automobiles, electronics, food processing and metallurgy

France Facts

  • You cannot name a pig as Napoleon in France, as it is illegal.
  • Tour De France and the French Open are two great annual events conducted in France.
  • The famous Statue of Liberty is said to be made in France. It was then given to the US.
  • The Louvre Museum in France displays almost 35,000 famous art works in 8 curatorial departments.
  • Originally, the magnificent Eiffel Tower was built especially for the World Fair conducted in the year 1889. It was supposed to come down within few months. However, due to its increasing popularity and function as a radio tower, it never came down and is now a famous attraction in Paris.

French History

french translation services

In the 3rd century, Franks settled in Western Europe, when it was invaded by Germanic tribes. The influence of Franks over the language was massive and thus, it gave birth to modern day French. For many years, French was used as the language of governments and diplomacy. Not just this, for almost 300 years, this language was spoken in the English parliament, as England was invaded by William the Duke of Normandy. Slowly, the France Empire started to expand and so does its influence over other foreign countries.

In the late 18th century, French Revolution led to the restructure of social and political constructs in France. The consequence of this revolution was the abolition of Feudalism and transformation of government from absolute to constitutional monarchy. The revolution was also an opportunity for Napoleon Bonaparte to expand the French Empire. This in turn, expanded the span of French language and culture. Just as English holds the position of a worldwide language, in the same way, French was once a global language in the 19th century. But, as other empires grew, French lost its position.


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