Translation Services in Lao Language

TridIndia is offering world-class Translation Services in Lao Language since the last 13 years, with the support of an efficient team of Lao translators. Our translation services in Lao are executed with perfection in terms of quality, efficiency and time deadlines.

Translation Services in Lao Language

Features of Lao language

  • Lao is also known as the Isan language.
  • It is the official language of Laos.
  • It is also spoken in north east of Thailand.
  • Lao belongs to the Tai-Kadai family of languages.
  • It has its own script known as the Lao script.

Business Related Facts about Lao Translation

  • Laos supplies hydroelectric power to Vietnam, China and Thailand. Thus, Lao translation is beneficial for the Laos translators to deal with export and import dealings.
  • 51% of GDP comes from agricultural sector. Hence, if your business deals with agricultural industry, then you can expand into Laos by ace Lao translation.
  • You can also step into tourism sector of Laos by translating into Lao language.

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Every moment all of our efforts remain aligned towards satisfying our customers and retaining them for building long-term relationships. Customer satisfaction is the most significant part for us, as we believe that our customers and our translation services will be the foundation of a brighter future for both us and our clients.

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