Translation Services in Sinhala Language

Our translation team is engaged in delivering premier Translation Services in Sinhala Language owing to their 15 years of experience in the field of Sinhala translation. We ensure that we stick to deadlines for all our translation projects and offer Sinhala translation services at very affordable rates.

Translation Services in Sinhala Language

Characteristics of Sinhala Language

  • Sinhala or Sinhalese is also known as Helabasa in Sri Lanka, where it is the most widely spoken ethnic language.
  • It is an Indo European language written using the Sinhala alphabet.
  • The language has about 16 million native speakers.

Facts about Sinhala Translation

  • With a nearly GDP growth rate of 7.3%, Sri Lanka becomes a profitable destination to invest. Thus, to accomplish this, you will require Sinhala translation.
  • Another reason for investing in Sri Lanka and availing Sinhala translation is the wealth of environmental assets and its educated population.
  • Sinhala translations are also required in maritime, commercial, aviation, energy and knowledge sectors.

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