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Fastest professional localization Services by 4000+ certified localizers who offer accurate localization Services in 250+ languages for government, public and private sectors.In today’s world, the cultural barriers are being removed and the world is rapidly turning into a huge global village. This transformation is making the businesses all over the world to serve out on a local basis by localizing their materials whether it is website or manuals. Our team of professional language experts provides customized services for a wide range of industries requiring localization services be it a huge conglomerate or an uprising small business. We strive to provide specifically tailored as per the cultural context and nuances of the target audience.

☞ Types of Localization we cater to

Our professional native localizers can help you in variety of ways such as:

Website localization Software Localization Brand Localization
App Localization Marketing Localization Multimedia Localization
Content localization SEO Localization Software app localization
E-commerce localization iPad app localization iPhone app localization
Graphic user interface or GUI localization Subtitling localization Broadcast Commercial Localization
Marketing content localization Advertising localization Multilingual localization
Language Localization Localization Combination Industry Localization
Localization Process Localization Jobs Document Localization

While these are the most common services that we cater to, however if you have any other customised request for localization, you can get into our touch and we can help you in the best way possible.

☞ Difference between Translation and Localization

Localization means much more than translation as people usually interpret it. Translation plays a major part into the localization. Translating refers to converting the source language to the desired language of the target market whereas localization refers to customization of the content as per the needs and requirements of a specific market.

Be it a business or a document, in order to reach out to a bigger audience and make itself known, one has to localise their services or materials in order to be able to make a worldwide impact. One can ensure the impact with the help of our professional localizers who ensure that the localised content is appropriate as per the target audiences.

☞ Benefits of outsourcing localization services to us

Localization is not an easy task to reckon with. It requires a lot of time and effort to ensure successful localization. Outsourcing to professional localization experts like us can make this humungous task a breezy affair as follows:

♦ We take up the entire task for you so that you can easily invest your time in the other important operations requiring your crucial attention.

♦ Our team consists of extremely professional native language localizers who understand the preferences and local nuances of the language making the required modifications as per the target audience.

♦ We ensure that the localization takes place within the stipulated time border with maximum accuracy and efficiency, ensuring your success on a global level.

☞ Variety of sources we excel in localizing

Our team caters to a huge variety of sources which can require localization. Some of the most common sources that we localize for our clients on a regular basis are:

Graphics and art Online content or applications
Packaging and labelling Product and customer support materials
Software user interface Multimedia, video and audio
Marketing materials Industry-specific materials
Help systems Training and e-learning materials
User assistance and many more Product documentation (online or printed)

With us, you can experience localization in various numbers of languages counting up to +250 languages by our team of native language experts who understand every nuances as well as the reference of every word while converting the source into the target language.

☞ About Team Tridindia

We boast of a group of extremely professional and talented localization experts who are trained native speakers in various languages and are adept in understanding various dialects and cultural nuances. This team is qualified to overhaul the content and localize in the required lingua as per the requirements.

» Substantial years of experience
» Multiple industry expertise
» Professional certified Localizers
» Adept at understanding the cultural nuances

☞ Why we are the best Fit for your Localization Need?

We can help you to achieve the desired results in terms of localization in the following ways:

✓ Customised services as per your needs and requirements
✓ Dedicated team of extremely professional and native localizers
✓ Accurate and efficient results
✓ Express turnaround time
✓ Cost savings and within your budget
✓ Maximum guarantee of accuracy and efficiency

TridIndia ensures that the service provided by our team is smooth and hassle free which helps us in instilling your confidence within our services. This one time association will gradually turn into a long term work bond with us. Get in touch with us today and experience consistent and flawless localization system.

We will be pleased to hear from You..!!

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