5 Big Features of Microsoft HoloLens That Will Stun You

There are several features of Microsoft HoloLens that will stun you and all customers who love virtual reality headsets. The VR headsets have always been popular. Hence, HoloLens computer glasses were announced to be shipped to developers. However, nothing was talked about the launch of the consumer version.Features of Microsoft HoloLens

But, here are some of its features that you must certainly know:

1. Independent Headset

This is an independent headset, being completely wireless. To enter the VR mode, you will not need to connect it to the PC or your smartphone. Further, you can also control the volume and brightness easily with the buttons present on the rim.

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2. Involving Virtual in the Real World

HoloLens do not cut you off completely from the real world; rather, it involves the virtual in the real world. This helps the users in interacting with it. It will also respond to your voice commands.

top Features of Microsoft HoloLens

3. Unique Display Technology

The display technology in this is quite unique. One can see what’s going around him and also the content streamed by the HoloLens headset.

4. Scope beyond Gaming & Entertainment

This has a wide scope beyond gaming and entertainment. It can be integrated in research by different organizations.

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5. Addressing the Audio Needs

The speaker vents located around the ears will help you address varied audio needs. You can easily hear, see and react to any activity going around you.

These features certainly make it different from other VR headsets. So, keep track of such features.