7 Interesting Facts That Batman V Superman Trailer Tells About the Movie

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer has created a huge excitement among the common masses, as it describes some interesting facts about the movie. Everyone is quite excited about this movie that will be released on March 25, 2016.

Batman V Superman Trailer

The trailer of the movie is not just exciting, but it also tells much about the movie that every batman or superman lover should know. Listed below are some of the points to know:

  1. The batman could be seen in different costumes in the movie – The Power Armour Suit, the classic Bat Suit and the Knightmare suit.

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Batman V Superman Trailer 1

  1. Lex Luthor seems to experiment with two different looks. The fans will surely be amazed with this.
  2. Superman’s new suit has some Kryptonian language words blended into it, according to Michael Wilkinson, the costume designer.
  3. The Darkseid logo has become a hot topic. This is because it is estimated that might be a villain from superman’s comics feature in this movie. However, it will remain a surprise for the fans until its release date.
  4. The Wonder Woman could be seen waving her shield and sword.

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Batman V Superman Trailer 2

  1. A monstrous creature (doomsday) is created by Lex Luthor and the superman, batman and wonder woman would have a faceoff against it.
  2. This movie is considered to be the foundation or basis for other Justice League movies, like Aquaman, Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman, The Flash and Cyborg.

Hence, this movie is a sure shot bouquet of surprises for the fans.