Astronomers found an Alien World in the Southern Sky

Beyond the solar system, in the southern sky, astronomers found an alien world that is an earth like planet. According to astronomers, this planet named as GJ 1132b, lies in the constellation of Vela.

Alien World in the Southern Sky

It is close enough that the telescopes can observe the presence of atmosphere and other details as well.

It is said that this world is almost 16% larger than the Earth and 3x closer than any other planet with the size like that of earth.

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Astronomers hope that they will be able to study the atmosphere with every detail.

The surface temperature reaches 260C. Such temperature is not proper for life sustaining. But, some atmosphere might be present.

This planet is locked to its star. Also, it has been said that its one face is in daylight and other in darkness. The team of astronomers has asked for a few time, in order to study all the details of the atmosphere.

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The researchers suspect that the planet is rocky, because of its mas and size.