Facebook App Drains the Maximum Amount of Battery – Report

There has been a report that the Facebook app drains the maximum amount of battery. It was researched that while monitoring battery usage over iOS 9, the app that drained the maximum battery was Facebook. It topped the list.

Facebook App drains the Maximum Battery of cell phones

No doubt that this is the most popular app, but, at the same time, the battery consumption is also more.

Facebook topping the list of draining apps does not necessarily mean that you use the app like an addict; rather it has another facet to it.

It happens often that Facebook keep running in the background or in the screen, even in a situation when background refresh is ‘off’.

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This happens because Facebook abuses VoIP. This means making calls through internet. To check the status of your battery usage, you can go to settings > battery > battery usage.

However, there is no easy solution to the problem, but still people go for shopping a portable iPhone battery case that can minimize the battery draining problem upto a higher extent.

To save the Facebook page on the home screen of your mobile, go to Safari > Export icon > Add to Home screen.

With this you will have easy and instant access. Hoe this, issue gets fixed soon.