First Ever Laptop by Xiaomi to Move Ahead of Apple and Lenovo

By next year, Xiaomi is planning to launch its first laptop. It is sad that this step was taken to compete against Apple and Lenovo.

First Ever Laptop by Xiaomi

To compete with Lenovo’s ThinkPad and Apple’s MacBook Air, the Xiaomi’s notebook might go on sale right in the first quarter. Xiaomi is in talks with Samsung Electronics for the supply of memory chips.

Apple and Lenovo, both are big brands in the gadget industry. Thus, Xiaomi would take every step with utmost precision. Recently, Apple news service had a great acclaim among the masses.

However, only after 5 years of its foundation, Xiaomi hopped at the top ranks in the global smartphone industry. It had provided many stylish devices at mid-range prices.

So, getting into the PC business would risk bringing cost pressures against to Lenovo, Apple and Hewlett-Packard.

Few weeks back, Lenovo joined the ‘Make in India’ campaign for manufacturing its phone in India. It also manufactured its PCs in India, earlier. However, the company dropped to a 3 year low in the trading in Hong Kong.

Xiaomi is actually trying to carve out a spot in the shrinking market of today. After the ‘after sales service’ by Xiaomi, the company is now venturing into PC business. According to sources, this venture comes, as the growth in the company’s core market is getting down.

Since 2013, the worldwide sales recorded for smartphones was the slowest growth in second quarter of 2015.

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