German is Finally a Hobby Subject for Kendriya Vidyalaya Students

The German language will now be taught in the KV (Kendra vidyalaya), as a hobby or additional subject. This is approved by the Union Cabinet.

German would now be an additional language for the students, according to reports. It is also estimated for the promotion of modern Indian languages in Germany.

german language in Kendriya Vidyalaya

Thus, it is said that the relations between Indian and Germany would get better through this decision. Specifically, in the field of education, this decision seems to work wonders ahead.

The KV students were actually studying German, but, in a meeting (last year) of Board of Governors, it was decided to discontinue further teaching of German language. This was as an option to Sanskrit language.

So, this became a very controversial decision.

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On October 5, it was decided to promote Indian languages in Germany and German language in India.

Hence, it gave an opportunity to the students to opt for German language.

This subject will be included as their hobby or additional language subject. They get the opportunity to shape their future just like the multilingual businessman.

Students get a golden chance to learn a new language in their schools.

In tandem with the National Education Policy of India, the students of KV will be provided with a platform to get teachings for German language.