Grammatically Correct French Keyboard May Soon be Available to Natives

According to reports, a grammatically correct French keyboard may soon be available to natives for typing the French language easily. The French Azerty keyboard makes it difficult for the natives to use special characters, ligatures and accents while typing the language. Thus, the users find it very difficult to write the language.

Correct French Keyboard Available soon to Natives

This keyboard is considered to be as a non-standardized keyboard, in which the natives or typists cannot write the French language with correct grammar.

This is the reason why the ministry has asked for the establishment of a keyboard that is standard and let the users type the language with zero grammatical mistakes.

The existing French keyboard lacks different symbols. For example, symbols like the currency sign, @ and others are hard to locate. Further, the ligatures and characters like cedilla are very difficult to use. In French capitalization, some letters need to be accented. But with the existing keyboard, it has become almost an impossible task.

According to some sources, the major objective of introducing a new standard keyboard is not only to make French typing easier, but also helping the users in typing other regional and European languages.

The ministry would consult certain institutions before presenting any proposal.