How Spiderman is Making Science Lectures Interesting

Imagine Spiderman taking your science lectures. Won’t it be interesting? This is certainly interesting for the students of National Autonomous University of Mexico, where the science teacher dresses up as the comic hero to make the learning sessions better.

Reports have found that Moises Vazquez, the science teacher was motivated to pull on the epic red and blue suit Spiderman, after reading in the comics that Peter Parker apart from being a freelance photographer, also used to work as a science teacher.

It is said that Vazquez rides in public transport dressed as the Avenger.

Initially his family thought that dressing up as Spiderman could be harmful for his career. But, it turned out to be well with other teachers and students as well.

Vazquez says that they were everyone was smiling and reacted with surprise, on seeing their teacher as the comic hero.

It is said that he started to dress up in the suit a year and a half ago.

People On the streets of the megalopolis, get highly surprised, when they learn that the man dressed up as the superhero is actually a university lecturer.

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