Internet to Become Truly Multilingual in the Years to Come

Reports suggest that in the years to come, internet will be more accessible and truly multilingual; thereby providing opportunities to the Indian communities (who do not speak English) to come online.

According to Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, setting standards for languages (that may be used online) is a complex problem and it would require stakeholders’ cooperation.

Reports say that an experienced and talented panel is working on the development of IDNs, i.e. internationalized domain names.

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The evolution of Domain Name System is also under way. This evolution for DNS is being carried out for Indian languages.

Furthermore, internet standards for Indian languages and various scripts are also under the process of development.

Hence, it seems that the internationalized domain names will help in making way for a multilingual internet that could be easily accessible by people speaking varied regional languages.

 In a report, it was found that internet users in India prefer to use their local language while surfing the web. Hence, it could be said that local language preference is higher amongst the Indian internet users.

Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel is considered to be the first successful move towards establishing multilingual Internet for the users in India.

This panel started working in May last year.

It is working to develop IDNs or local language domains, for example ‘.bharat’ in Hindi. With this the users would easily read or write ‘.bharat’ in different languages like in Gujarati, Assamese, Tamil or Punjabi.

With a huge and diverse base of languages in India, it is for sure that the work of the Neo-Brahmi Generation panel has a great amount of complexity in it. But, attracting more regional language users is also an important task.

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