Life May Be Possible on Mars Due to Strong Evidence of Water

NASA announced that strong evidences of briny water have been found on mars. Thus, may be life can be possible on Mars.

The water flowing on the planet is surely a step towards possible human life on Mars.

Astrobiologists have always suspected that Mars was partially covered by water. Not just this, the scientists also believed (billion years ago) that the planet had a primitive ocean.

Mars Due to Strong Evidence of Water

The formations on the surface of Mars suggested the flow of water on the planet was for a significant period of time.

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It became pretty clear in the recent years that water was present on Mars in one or the other form. It existed in the form of massive glaciers near the poles, large sheets in gullies and craters and surface deposits of ice.

In 2013, some scientists recognized geographic features suggesting the briny water near the equator of Mars.

According to the director of planetary science at NASA, Mars was thought as a dry, arid planet in the past, but it is certainly not the dry planet.

Another exciting finding is the presence of briny water, i.e. the water is a bit salty. This promotes the life on Mars even more.

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It is reported that the planet also had clouds, deep ocean, fresh lakes and snowy mountain tops. All that water got dissipated. The scientists still have not found the reason that why that happened.