Popular Words That Do Not Find a Direct Translation into English

Do you know that there are some popular words that do not find a direct translation into English? In this modern age, when it is very important to learn a foreign language, there are some words that remain untranslated into English language.

Translation facts

Some of them are:

1- Viraha

This is a word from Hindi language. This relates to the feeling of love when your partner is separated from you.

2- Toska

A feeling of spiritual anguish is often referred to as Toska. This is a Russian word.

3- Litost

This Czech word has been described as “a state of torment created by sudden sight of one’s own misery”. This is defined by Milan Kundera, who is a Czech writer.

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4- Tsundoku

This Japanese word relates to the situation when one does not get round to read the book that is purchased by him or her.

5- Abbiocco

This word comes from Italy, i.e. it is an Italian word. You might have noticed that after having a large meal, you often feel drowsiness. This word describes the same feeling.

6- Odnoliub

If you have only one love in your life, then this situation is often termed as Odnoliub in Russian language.

Similarly, there are more words like:

7- Oodal – Tamil word

8- Jayus – Indonesian word

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9- Cafuné – Portugese word

10- Schnapsidee – German word

So, if you are an English translator, it would be beneficial for you to keep such words in mind. They will help you in correct and quality English translation.