Ready to Enjoy a Ride on Amphibious Bus in India?

Are you ready to enjoy a ride on amphibious buses – the buses that can travel both on land and water? Recently, norms have been set up these buses for tourism purpose.

Ride on Amphibious Bus 2

It is said that these buses will be used for the purpose of tourism, thereby helping the tourists enjoy sightseeing.

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According to the reports, the first bust may start operating in Mumbai in the next three months. It has been procured by JNPT (Jawaharal Nehru Port Trust).

Ride on Amphibious Bus 1

It is said that 14 of these buses would be built by a Goa based company. Hence, it has asked the ministry to provide the norms, so that the company could begin the operations part.

Also, reports suggest that the maximum spped limit assigned to the buses would be 40 km/hr. additionally, the buses would not travel after the sun sets.

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As far as the routes are concerned; these buses will be assigned some particular routes. These routes would be approved by the state transport department.

Ride on Amphibious Bus

These buses will thus, be helpful for tourists to enjoy sightseeing on both land and water.