Sharing Ola or Uber Cab is New and More Sensible

On one hand where Delhi government’s odd even led to a positive effect on the capital’s climate, it also caused some inconvenience for some people and aroused opportunities for cab firms. These cab providing services heavily promoted their sharing and carpooling services with cleverly written pitch.

share car on Ola or Uber cab

According to Calculations done by the savvy guys at, it was found that one would save around INR 5o every day. For those who work 5 days a week, this number would grow upto 13,000!

Although it may not sound a big saving at first, but if you consider the huge number of people doing this, this mere number increases to several figures.

Car pooling services such as costs mere 60 Rs for 30km ride. This can save working guys a whopping 59,000 per year. As per the math, this is a pretty good number and a solid reason why one should consider carpooling and cab sharing services.

Further talking about this topic, Carpooling and sharing also saves you from miscellaneous expenses such as purchasing a car, insurance and maintenance, also the irritating parking bill. We must agree these carpooling has two folded advantage; not only it is economically beneficial, but it is also environmentally beneficial.