Use of English Should Be Discarded After Brexit, Says French Mayor

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According to the French mayor, use of English language should be discarded after Brexit. This language is among the 24 official languages spoken in the EU.

But, the mayor believes that the language, no more holds legitimacy after Britain voted to exit the EU. His tweet is as follows:

La langue anglaise n’a plus aucune légitimité à Bruxelles. #Brexit

English is also one of the major languages that are used to conduct business.

Further, Jean-Luc Mélenchon (left-wing presidential candidate), said the language can no longer hold the status of the 3rd working language of the European Parliament. Jean-Luc Mélenchon also tweeted –

L’anglais ne peut plus être la troisième langue de travail du parlement européen #Brexit

As per a report, almost 51% of citizens in EU speak English as their first or second language. However, only a third could speak German language and a quarter could speak the French language.

Reports further say that despite of the vote for exit, it seems that discarding English language altogether in Brussels is not likely to happen. This is because it is the official language of Malta and Ireland.

A report in 2013 stated that English language squeezed other languages, in order to become the common language of Europe.

Further, it was also revealed that almost two out of three people have a fair working knowledge of English language.


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