According to reports, there will be no interview in government jobs at junior level posts from January 1, 2016. It is said that all the candidates who apply for junior posts would not be required to face a personal interview. However, they will still be checked over physical and skill test.

No Interview in Government Jobs

As asked by the department of personnel and training, the process of interview must be discontinued December 31, 2015.

No candidate at junior post would be recruited with interview in the Indian ministries, PSUs or departments from 1st of January, 2016.

It was further cleared that this decision is for all the candidates who apply for a job in non-gazetted Group ‘B’ category and Group C category.

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The skill and physical test will be of qualifying nature.

In some cases, where conducting an interview would be highly essential, a proposal would be required to be sent to the department of personnel and training January 7.

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This report may include the details of the post(s) and the total number of posts for which exemption is demanded.

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