It’s now time to transform your iPhone or iPad into a laser spatial ruler that will help you in determining the distance and size of any object. iPin has introduced a spatial ruler that can be easily inserted into the headphone jack of your iPhone and serve as a laser measuring device.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Laser Measure 2

For this, the users will have to download the app, plug the ruler into the phone with its business end towards the rear of the device.

To know the distance of the object, you will have to place the red dot at the object.

Though, much details are not available, this ruler big invention can be a great help and fun to use gadget.

Turn Your iPhone Into a Laser Measure

According to reports, this gadget will be available at cheaper rates and would use the mobile’s touchscreen for some functions.

Further, the app will help you in determining the size of the object. Whatever you’ll try to measure, this app will place some dots around it. This way you’ll be able to know the size.

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So, this ruler and its app will help you in your day to day routine as well. It might not be 100% correct or precise. But, to some extent, it can give you a basic idea about the distance and size.

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