New translators joining TridIndia may certainly have some doubts in mind. Thus, here are some FAQs for translators help, so that they have a clear idea about how things actually work.

How much will I be paid?
The payment depends on the words translated by the translator. A bonus payment may be added, only in the case if the customer is 100% delighted by the translation

What is the method of payment?
The earnings are paid directly to the translators’ bank account on a monthly basis.  If in case, the project is a larger one, the payment is made on a ‘per lot’ basis. For every ‘lot’, the payment will be made.

Can I work as a certified translator?
Yes, you can. But, we will need an updated profile and details like language pairs, CV, LinkedIn profile, certificates and the major fields of expertise, etc. If you are found suitable after reviewing all such details, you can work as certified expert.

How to join as a translator?
To join our team, the translator needs to have a solid work experience, academic history, and unmatched expertise in languages, industries and cultures around the world.  For more details, click here _______________

What is CYA feature?
CYA feature stands for “choose your assignment”. Using this feature, the translator could select a translation project from the panel and start working on it. An e-mail will be sent to the project manager defining that a particular project is taken up by a particular translator.

Do you charge any joining fee?
No, we do not charge a single penny. Translators can join our team free of cost.  We are only looking for dedicated professionals who can meet our organization’s goals as well as their personal (career-related) goals.

Do you charge any joining fee?
No, we do not charge a single penny. Translators can join our team free of cost.  We are only looking for dedicated professionals who can meet our organization’s goals as well as their personal (career-related) goals.

The project is already assigned whenever I click on it; what to do?
Once a translation project is posted, it is allocated to most suitable translators and the first one to accept the project gets it. So, if you are not the first to accept the project, you will not be able to work on it.

Can I work on transcription projects?
Yes, definitely. We offer transcription services for all types of videos and audios. The translators will need to submit the transcribed audio or video file within the time frame and in a Microsoft Word document.

What is the process of submitting translation?
The process is very simple. Once the translation task is completed from the translators’ end, he/she could then upload the files and send them to the project manager.

Can I take help from machine translation?
We are strictly against automatic translation. Hence, we expect that our translators never ever think about using the machine translation. The translator will be blacklisted, if found using such practices.

How can I become the most preferred translator?
After the translated files are sent to the clients, they give us a feedback regarding our services and the translation quality. If the client seems to be delighted by the translation quality, the priority/ preference for that specific translator increase.

What happens if the client is not satisfied?
It generally does not take place, because we have industry specialists, associated with us. But, if it happens, the projects is opened for other translators to take on and make necessary corrections.

How can I benefit?
The translators in our database have all the benefits, they can imagine.  Depending upon the skills required in a specific translation, the projects are allocated to translators. It is up to you, whether or not you wish to take up the project.

What are the languages offered?
We work in all major languages and dialects – both Indian and foreign languages. Some of them are – Hindi, English, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, Urdu, German, French, Telugu, Punjabi, Italian etc. Look for more languages here ______________

Which industries need specialized translation?
We work with specialized and native translators for each industry. Thus, all of the industries need proper specialization. Some of the industries are technical, legal, healthcare, tourism etc. Look for more industries here ______________

What happens if the translation is not completed in time?
This is generally not an issue. But, if such conditions arise, the translator could ask or request the client to extend the time period, in order to maintain quality in translations.

I have a query that isn’t in the FAQ list; what to do?
In case, you have a query that is unanswered or is not listed in the FAQ list, you can contact us through phone, mail, Skype chat or ‘contact us’ form. We will respond you ASAP.

We hope this was helpful to you. If not, contact us immediately with your detailed query…!!!!