Reality Check for Electronic Gadget Users, by Health Experts

Using the electronic gadgets in an excessive amount can be very dangerous for health. Hence, the health experts often warn the users regarding this issue.

These days, the experts have found that people, who use their gadgets excessively, often become the target to the early signs of ageing. They actually suffer from tech neck.

It affects the facial looks of the person and leads to undereye bags, sagging skin, creases above the clavicle, dropping jowls, frown lines and horizontal lines on the neck.

According to a Cosmetic Surgeon, bending down constantly while using laptop, smartphone or tablet etc increases the chances of the user to get wrinkles.

The bending position actually causes headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, tingling in the upper limb, numbness, and pain in elbows, arms and wrists.

Due to frequent forward flexion, many changes occur in the cervical spine, tendons, curve, musculature supporting ligaments, and the bony segments.

Further, excessive use of gadgets results into shortening of the neck muscles.

Not just this, the gravitational pull on the skin is also increased which results in marionette lines, sagging skin, loose jowls and double chin.

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