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Fastest Professional Interpretation Services India by 4000 Native Interpreters in 250+ languages for legal medical corporate government & other sectors in simultaneous, consecutive and whispered mode. Our professional interpreters helped us to become the leading certified interpretation company that offers high quality interpretation services in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Kolkata Chandigarh Hyderabad Amritsar Bangalore Pune Noida Chennai Ghaziabad Gurgaon and worldwide locations. Thus, we serve a huge clientele from different countries and domains/ industries, like technical, media, judicial, tourism, mining, oil & gas, real estate, aviation, life science, automobile and varied public sectors. Further, we make sure that we offer accurate interpretation within proposed time frame. So, if you have plans for global expansion, interpretation can be the perfect aid for you, as it facilitates oral or sign-language communication between multilingual users. Thus, through authentic interpretation, you will be able to convert a thought from your native language (source language) to the customer’s native language (target language).

Need of Accurate Interpretation Services

As the world is a globalized village, thus there exist numerous diverse cultured professionals who work round the clock to achieve and target new segments of the international market. To accomplish this, interpretation holds paramount importance, as it is one of the most important elements while dealing with foreign clients. Such services can definitely guide you the path towards global success.

Major Types of Interpretation at TridIndia

There are different types or modes/ modalities of interpretation through which any interpreting session is conducted. We have the talent and expertise to provide quality interpretation for all such types of interpreting –

  1. Simultaneous Interpretation

This mode of interpretation is quite a strenuous process and is generally used for meetings and conferences where two or more languages are needed. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter is required to sit in an isolated sound-proof booth, from where he/she could clearly see or hear the source-language speaker. The interpreter speaks into a microphone and interprets the source language which is heard to the target-language listeners through earphones. We also offer whispering simultaneous interpretation (chuchotage, in French), wherein speaks very softly.

  1. Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation is generally preferred by bilingual listeners or parties (present in a court setting or other) who wish to hear or keep a record of both the original and interpreted speech. In this mode of interpretation, the interpreter interprets the speech or the source language into the target language, once the speaker has finished his/ her speech or whatever is being said.  We also provide document sight translation during consecutive interpreting task.

  1. On-site Interpretation

Also known as ‘face-to-face’ interpretation, this method requires the interpreter to be physically present at the place where interpretation is taking place. All of the parties who wish to communicate to each other remain present at the same place.

  1. Over-The-Phone Interpretation

This is also called as Telephonic Interpreting or Tele-Interpreting. The interpreter is added to a conference call, through which the professionals undertake their interpreting task. It is mostly used in the situations where all the parties are already communicating via telephone; for e.g. telephone inquiries for insurance or credit cards.

  1. Video Remote Interpretation or Sign Language Interpretation

This method is more applicable when one of the parties is speech-impaired, hard-of-hearing or deaf. In this method, the parties requires to have necessary equipment such as a video camera, in order to zoom in, zoom out and point the camera towards the party that is signing.

  1. Conference Interpretation

This type of meeting generally occurs at a large meeting, conference, multilingual events and others. Depending on the preferences of the client, the interpretation could be on-site, simultaneous, escort, sign language, whispered or consecutive.

  1. Escort Interpretation

As the name suggests, in Escort Interpreting or Liaison Interpreting, the interpreter escorts or accompanies a delegation on an interview, visit, tour, or meeting. The interpreter in this case, is generally known as escort/ escorting interpreter.

In short, our interpreters can guide you in any way, where interpretation is required. Whether it is a business conference, legal or medical setting etc, our team can provide quality interpretations for doctor-patient interactions, attorney-client interactions, court proceedings and so on.

Industries We Serve

Serving a huge clientele around the world, we work for multifarious industries that include:

Legal or judicial Technical
Medical Media
Public sector Aviation
Automobile & others

Interpretation Equipment

Apart from interpretation, we also provide rental interpretation equipment that is essential to conduct an interpretation session. Such equipment is generally provided for simultaneous interpreting assignments. We have a full-fledged technical team that provides avant-garde equipment for interpretation with added technical support around the nation. We can fulfill all of your equipment needs at highly affordable rates.

Qualities of Our Professionals

  • Comprehensive vocabulary, both in source and target language
  • Phenomenal note taking skills
  • Clear and accurate expression of thoughts
  • Familiar with the cultures and general subject of both the original and target language
  • Quick decision making skills

Why Us?

Our interpreting services are the ideal solutions for facilitating multilingual communication. Hence, most of the global organizations outsource our services, due to many reasons, such as:

  • Comprehensive Language Support with 250+ languages
  • 100% Confidentiality
  • Industry specific or specialized expertise
  • Nominal rates
  • Experienced and native interpreters
  • Assured quality output
  • Zero hidden charges

A Step towards Entering the Global Market

The International market is not just limited to large corporations anymore. Now-a-days, even a small firm can flourish their business by reaching out to a wider audience. During this venture, you’ll encounter multicultural clients who differ in their native languages. Thus to promote an effective communication, you will require professional assistance of expert interpreters. Hence, to help you enter the global market, we offer the authentic Interpretation at a very nominal price.

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