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Fastest ISO Certified Localization Services India by 4000+ native localization experts for 24/ 7 secure and high quality software website mobile app & games localization at discounted rates. We work on 250+ languages (both Indian and foreign languages), so that you can tailor your marketing collaterals or other related documents in tandem with a specific niche or market. Generally, we offer professional Localization Services in New Delhi UAE India Mumbai Bangalore Amritsar Chennai Hyderabad Kolkata Chandigarh Ghaziabad Gurgaon Pune Noida and other Indian and worldwide cities. Hence, we are India’s no. 1 localization services company that has got you covered for authentic localization for multiple languages and multiple industries, viz. legal, medical, technical, manufacturing, aviation, tourism, oil & gas, energy, hospitality, life science, automobile, IT and so on. So, if you are planning to expand internationally, localization may certainly help you attract and appeal to your target audience in different countries or niches with different cultural specifications.

What We Offer?

Backed by human localization experts, we offer the following with the highest degree of accuracy and quality:

Website Localization

Website Localization refers to adapting a website into the culture and local language of the target market.

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Mobile Apps Loclization

we are famous for offering phenomenal grade localization for all types of mobile apps.

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Video Games Localization

our video game localization company will localize and adapt your game as per the target culture.

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Android Apps Localization

We make earnest endeavours to help you market your apps in the international market.

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Software Localization

We are deliviring superlative quality of Software Localization with the shortest possible time frame.

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Web Apps localization

We localizes and adapts all types of web based applications in line with the target culture.

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Need of Localization

These days, translation has become a powerful key for global communication and business growth. But sometimes, mere translation can backfire, as the translated material may not have the essence or enough potential to appeal to the target masses. So, it is important to translate and localize the documents or materials as per the target culture specifications. If the text will be adapted according to the targeted culture, the chances to gain maximum number of customers will be higher. Some of the major reasons why companies localize their websites, software, documents etc are –

To cater to the local niche

To drive more sales

»  To gain more loyal customers

»  Boosts the marketing campaign

»  To reduce the potential risks that may arise due to wrongly translated brand names

»  To increase customer engagement and satisfaction

»  To transcend the cultural barrier

Languages Offered

We work on multiple Indian and foreign languages, along with their diverse dialects. This diversity in language expertise helps us to localize any type of material in any language. Here is a brief look at some of the languages, we work on:


Types of Materials Localized

As mentioned above, we are into localizing website, software, games and other stuff. But, often, certain documents also need precise localization. Hence, every month, we translate and localize thousands of words in any content for website, games, software, marketing or any industry related document. Some of the materials localized by our experts include:

Graphics and art

Product and customer support materials

Multimedia, video and audio

Packaging and labeling

Software user interface

Online content or applications

Marketing materials

Industry-specific materials

Product documentation (online or printed)

Training and e-learning materials

Help systems, user assistance,

Why Outsource to TridIndia?

If you are planning for a long jump, you will definitely need to bridge the language & culture gap and outsource localization from TridIndia. There are several factors or reasons that help us to become an undisputed master in the localization field. Some of them are mentioned as under:

■  Certified native localization experts

■  Affordable rates

■  Premium quality human localization

■  Industry specific localization in line with target culture

■  Fastest turnaround

■  Potential to localize all types of materials or documents

■  Worldwide language expertise

■  No hidden or additional charges

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