Fastest professional and accurate software localization services in Delhi India UAE by 3000+ certified localization experts at TridIndia for ISO certified and secure software localization for NGOs, private, government and public sectors, including technical, travel, medical, legal, mining, oil & gas and others. With more than 15 years of experience, we are delivering high quality services for software localization in Mumbai NCR Chennai Bangalore Kolkata Chandigarh Hyderabad Pune Amritsar and across worldwide nations. Thus, you can outsource the entire process of localization to us; our team will serve the highest standards of quality with the shortest possible time frame. So, if you are looking for a well- recognized software localization company in the global market, you are at the right place.


Explore New Markets

Often businesses fail to understand the scope and benefit of software localization. Thus, they remain limited to a small niche or segment. However, it should be noted that localizing your software is the major key to explore new markets faster and that too in any number of languages.

With the ability to handle complex and integrated projects over years, TridIndia translates and localizes the software as per the target culture. Although, it is regarded as one of the biggest challenge for many companies, due to their ‘always changing’ applications, software systems and technical content, yet, our team helps the clients to manage these tasks efficiently.

So, no matter what the language, script or subject be, we provide premium grade localization assistance for all types of software that helps you to flourish in the overseas market. From initial planning to testing and final release of the localized software, we will guide you throughout the process.

Similar, Yet Different

The term ‘Localization’ and ‘Translation’ are very close and similar to each other, but there exists, a fine thin line that sets them apart. The difference is as follows: –

• Localization

It involves analyzing the semantics of the target language in order to ensure that the software, multimedia, documents etc “works” in another culture, both linguistically and functionally.

• Translation

It is the process of converting a source version of software, website, documentation etc into the target language version. Translation is basically a sub-task of localization.

“To ensure better results in the international market, it is necessary, that before translation, the software gets localized.”

Process of Software Localization and Translation

At TridIndia, we follow a systemized workflow, to avoid any kind of discrepancies. Our step-wise process is stated below: –

1- File Analysis – This phase is carried out under the vigilance of a Senior Localization Engineer and a Project Manager. It involves assessing the lead time, technical difficulty, workload and other elements related to software localization.

2- Extracting Resource – The resources that are localizable are extracted from the source, including images, user interface, texts and so on.

3- Translation – This phase is supervised by professional native translators, who possess years of experience in this industry. They translate the software with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

4- Review – After translation, reviewing and editing takes place to ensure accuracy and authenticity of the translation.

5- Test – In this phase, it is ensured that the translated software applications do not have any localization or functional errors. Our experts make possible bug fixing as well.

6- Delivery – Finally, the project manager sends the files of localized and translated software website to the client.

Wider scope in overseas markets

Our premier software localization and translation services have huge spectra in the overseas markets due to our accurate services for the following: –

  • Nokia Ovi
  • Android Market
  • Windows and Linux applications
  • Apple App Store
  • Samsung Bada applications and many more

Furthermore, we work on the following formats: –

  • VB, VB.Net
  • Delphi, Perl, Python
  • Java, J#, HTML, XML
  • C, C++, C#, VB.NET, PHP
  • Flash, ColdFusion
  • Content Management Systems
  • JavaScript, JScript
  • Ajax, .asp, .aspx, .jsp
  • .cgi, .exe, .rc, .jar, .pl, .xhtml
  • .swf, .fla, .cfm

Why to rely on us?

• We guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality of clients’ files
• The localization and translation projects are assigned to technically competent industry experts
• You can always contact our project manager who is responsive, experienced and friendly
• The projects undergo a thorough certified Translation, Editing and Proofreading process
• An experience of hassle-free one-stop services
• 100% client satisfaction guaranteed

Multi-fold Revenue with Superior Technical Support

Though our software localization and translation services, you can make your software accessible to a wider overseas audience who prefer to use applications in their native language. Hence, it is evident that these services are ultimate partners for providing you with whole lot of revenue generating from all sides. Further, we are guided by proficient and talents software engineers and translators, who render their work with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

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