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Known to be among the leading Medical Transcription Services/ Agencies in US UK Canada Australia and other overseas countries, TridIndia has been offering HIPPA complaint transcription services round the clock. Medical transcription is basically a health profession that centers at converting audio reports (medical reports dictated by clinicians, physicians and other health professionals) into text format. Right from the beginning of the 20th century, health professionals are engaged in the process of transcription. It’s just that, the methodology of transcription in pharmaceutical field has embarked on a high technological level in the present time. Thus, keeping this in mind, we have assembled a talented pool of medical transcriptionists with us, who are not just qualified enough, but possess varied prodigious skills and knowledge about advanced medical terminology, medical style, communication skills, anatomy and physiology.

☞ Why Do You Need MT

If you work for a hospital or multi-specialty clinic and wonders why MT (medical transcription) is regarded as an indispensable part in the medical industry, then you seriously need to know this:

■ As mentioned above, MT involves converting voice recorded files into document form. Thus, it is a perfect way to keep important information (like medical course, healing actions, patient evaluation etc.) intact.

■ This transcription is predominant because of the documentation needs for the medical processes. It may also help during medical insurance.

■ Further, in today’s busy world, every individual has a busy schedule to follow. This busy schedule is actually more stringent for the healthcare professionals. At

Present, they are busier than ever. Hence, MT is the only solution left with physicians to ensure the smooth functioning of every task.

So, with TridIndia, you can be rest assured that your medical data is in the right hands.

☞ Activity Procedure

As we guarantee for the complete satisfaction of all your transcription needs, we follow an authentic procedure:

tridindia medical transcription procedure

1. Retrieve Dictations

First of all, dictations are retrieved by the account manager. These retrieved dictations are then allocated to the Tier-1 transcriptionist. This transcriptionist remains in complete co-operation with the physician.

2. Transcribe Audios

The transcriptionists then transcribe the voice files and deliver the completed files to proof-readers for a thorough check.

3. Proof-Reading

At this stage, the transcripts are proof-read and changes are made, if necessary. The transcripts are then delivered to the quality control team. Feedback or details regarding the changes is sent to the T-1 team.

4. Quality Checks and Feedback

Quality checks are performed on the transcripts and detailed feedback is sent to the T-1 transcriptionists and proof-readers’ team.

5. Submission of Report

At this stage, the account manager receives the quality checked transcripts. He/she then reviews the transcript once again for checking the usage of correct template. Then, finally it is sent to the clients’ end.

☞ Areas of Expertise

As we are committed to offer 99% accuracy and 100% HIPAA compliance, we offer smooth transcription solutions in the following areas or disciplines:

Psychiatry/Psychology Environmental Medicine Medical Records Summary
Gastroenterology/ Gastrointestinal Surgery/Surgery Notes
Pulmonology Urology Patient Charts
Rheumatology Otolaryngology Geriatrics
Rehabilitation Reports/ Medicine Teleconferences Nephrology
Bariatrics Vascular Medicine Plastic Surgery
Osteopathy Forensic Medicine Medical Documentation
Discharge Summary Pain Management Occupational Therapy
Andrology Dermatology Occupational Medicine
Operative reports Progress Notes Speech Therapy
Pediatric Neurology Clinical Chemistry Audiology
Skilled Nursing Facility Infectious Disease Radiology
Pediatric/Geriatric reports Clinical Virology Neonatology
Radiation Oncology Pediatrics Emergency Medicine
Family Medicine Internal Medicine Physical therapy
Obstetrics Nuclear Medicine Dentistry
Orthopedics Acupuncture History and Physical reports
Urgent Care Optometry Physiotherapy
EMR and EHR Reports IME / Peer Reviews Neurology
Hematology Endocrinology Pathology
Podiatry Anesthesiology Chiropractic
Ophthalmology Allergy/ Immunology Clinical Summary
Reproductive Medicine SOAP notes Emergency Room
Sports Medicine Genetics Preventive Medicine
Epidemiology  Ambulance Oncology/Hematology
Cardiology Gynecology

☞ Data Security Measures

The security of your medical data is of prime importance to us. Hence, we keep track of certain data security measures for top physical and informational security. Your medical data is perfectly safe with us because:

■ We boast of a security management team.

■ We work on a highly protected server. This secures your data physically.

■ Deactivated ports in systems to restrict the access to digital storage devices.

■ Adopt strong encryption protocols to avoid any violation to the patient’s record.

■ Follow updated HIPAA guidelines.

■ Run workshops on HIPAA guidelines to keep the staff up-to-date about the new terms and guidelines.

■ Zero public exposure.

Why Outsource to TridIndia

As a reputed medical transcription company, we do not leave any stone unturned, in order to fulfill and satisfy all of your transcription needs. But, keeping the perspective of a healthcare professional in mind, here are some reasons why outsourcing to TridIndia can be the most beneficial decision in your career:

■ 100% HIPAA compliance

■ 99% accuracy

■ EMR and EHR friendly transcription

■ Zero error rates

■ Experienced transcriptionists

■ Three tier quality checks

■ Flexible dictation options

■ Nominal pricing

■ Effective use of healthcare jargons and terminologies

■ Round the clock support

■ Streamlined workflow

■ Fast turnaround

■ 100% data security

☞ Quick Transcription Solutions

Since our foundation, we are working with a vision to be honest and determined towards our services. Hence, quality and security compliance has been our forte. Whether it is about EMRs, EHRs or physician dictation, we can assure you about our potential to satisfy the needs in any particular healthcare area. Further, as mentioned earlier, the talent associated with us is avant-garde and thus, we proudly commit to deliver quality and only quality to your premises.

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