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Fastest professional IME Report Translation Services at TridIndia by 4000+ certified IME Report translators in 250+ languages and for all industries, and global organizations. Translation of Independent Medical Examination (IME) reports is widely demanded in the medical sector, in order to facilitate a smoother and clear communication between the therapist/ doctor and the patient. Any minute error in the translation of such reports can be very harmful. Hence, our IME Report translation company is associated with experienced and native translators, who understand the nuances of the language and the terminologies to be used in such reports. In short, we are the ideal platform for all of your translation requirements.

In order to resolve the dispute of Medical condition among workers, an insurance company may ask to undergo Independent Medical Examination (IME’s) by a doctor of its choice. IME doctors provide reports that tell detail about your health and fitness. The outcome of the examination greatly affects the workers comp case, hence it is important to avail the translation in order to avoid any hindrances such as:

• Unambiguous communication: Translation helps in formulating effective communication between your employees, company’s and doctors. Without it, you may face several unfavorable situations for instance communication break.

• Misinterpretation: In the absence of translation, all they’re left with is to interpret which is not accurate. There a high possibility that your report could be misunderstood or wrongly conveyed to company.

• Companies may neglect you: The exam is conducted by insurance company to justify that you’re fit to work. Without translation, there’ll be a huge understanding gap that need to be solve otherwise they will reject your applied application.

Before examination, the relevant medical records and other documents to your injury such as doctor statements need to present before IME doctor.

☞ Types of Documents we handle

Doctor report Medical report Insurance documents
Physical Report Radiology Report Doctor Prescription
Operative Report Pathology Report And others

☞ How IME’s translation is beneficial?

A well translated IME has a large impact on your case. The experts and other hearing officers can easily judge your treatment accurately without creating any chaos about you. An accurate translation of all your medical reports helps doctors to get complete analysis about you:

• Correct Information: Translation helps in justifying doctor’s opinion by providing correct information about your medical history in their own language. It helps in avoiding factual mistake, making every piece of information clear right away.

• Removing disputes: In some cases, yes translation acts between dispute settlers between workers of company, doctors and insurance. Translation helps in providing necessary report to any international organization in any language making no room of dispute or unsettlement.

• Accurate medical Evaluation: Translation provide assistance to health care professionals to carefully analyze any sign if injury, illness or disease. This helps in finding out patient symptoms and gives them accurate details about your wellness.

Organization provides insurance to their employees to secure them. Insurance companies conduct physical examination of their applicants for surety of their health.

☞ Why You Should Choose Us?

♦  Certified Medical Translator
♦  Translation in more than 150 languages.
♦  Accurate and efficient translation
♦  Rapid turnaround time
♦  Encrypted and Secured file sharing panel
♦  Experienced Translators; handpicked and undergone rigorous training.

At Tridindia, we provide accurate translation of all your medical reports that’s helps in providing clarification with brief note about the applicants wellbeing, his/ her problem, family history and examination reports.

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