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Get exceptional Telugu Translation Services in Mumbai Chennai Bangalore Kolkata by Reputed Telugu Translation Company with Native Translators, ISO Certified, 100% quality and satisfaction. We work on a multitude of translation assignments that relate to several industries, like technical, real estate, medical, pharmaceutical and so on. We can be the right match for your translation requirements. So, if you really want to gain an edge in the global market with quality translation, you know where to go. Additionally, we also offer urgent translation that is meant for clients, who are in an urgent need of translation.

Telugu Translation Services in Chennai Mumbai Kolkata Bangalore

Facts about Telugu Language

  • It is spoken by nearly 74 million people in India.
  • It is counted as the world’s most-spoken languages, wherein it ranks at the 15th position.
  • Telugu language is widely spoken in Telangana, Yanam and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Highest concentration of Telugu diaspora in US is in the Central New Jersey.
  • This language also has some major dialects that include Konda-Reddi, East Godaveri, Yanadi, Vadaga, Srikakula, Berad, Nellore, Vishakhapatnam, Golari, Kamathi, Dommara, Dasari, Guntur, Rayalseema, Komtao, Vadari and Salewari.

Scope of Telugu Translation

The scope of translation for Telugu language is worth noticing in various industries. Hence, we offer quality translation into/ from Telugu for all types of industries, such as

1. Legal

We have a group of experienced legal translators on board with us, who have adept knowledge about the industry. Hence, the translation is rendered with optimal quality and precision. Some of the documents that we translate are related to debt solutions, immigration law, family law, intellectual property, business, product liability and various others.

2. Medical

Medical terminologies are important to understand, for every medical translator. Hence, we have gathered a pool of talented translators who deliver quality translation with proper use of terminologies in it. Further, they are stringently checked over quality parameters, before delivering them at the client’s end.

3. Media

Media plays a great role in reaching to a worldwide audience. But, your message might not influence or persuade your target audience, due to language barrier. Thus, you need quality translation for different types of media related documents like press release, TV reports, brochures, interviews, multimedia presentations and so on. We offer avant-garde translation with the help of dexterous media translators with minimum 5 years of experience.

4. Real Estate

We also translate for the real estate sector that involves translating different types of documents like rental agreement, deed of trust, valuation documents, appraisals, mortgage deed, breach of contract, mortgage forms and so on.

Principles for Quality

Quality is one of the principles that we follow. Quality, ethics, professionalism and transparency are the core principles, with which we started our translation business. These principles motivate us to be honest with the client always and render quality translations within feasible rates. We do not charge any hidden or extra cost, thereby maintaining transparency with the client, in each matter.

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