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Fastest professional Transcription Services by 4000+ certified transcribers who offer accurate transcription Services in 250+ languages for government, public and private sectors. The process of transcription is designed to simplify the barriers of language and accents which exist in today’s global world. Local Languages are being encouraged everywhere and the world is slowly becoming a global village. Now it is not possible for one to know every language or dialect hence comes in the requirement of transcription which allows these language barriers to disappear and ensure that the knowledge or information is easily within the reach of the people.

Our Team consists of professional language experts, which are extremely qualified for a handling a wide range of industries requiring transcription services such as corporate, academic, industrialist, legal, entertainment, government, police, radio, market research amongst others etc. that ensure that the transcript you receive is accurate and within the proposed deadline.

☞ The Need Of Transcription

Every now and then we have messages, video or documents in a variety of languages, imparting crucial information for everyone to hear and read. But somehow either the language or the accents makes us miss out on the valuable information.

Here comes the requirement of transcription which helps us in absorbing and understanding the information without any barriers. Our transcribers provide an accurate conversion of the information, hence bridging the lands for us all alike.

☞ Types Of Transcription We Offer

Our professionally qualified team caters to a variety of transcription services such as:


Academic Transcription Conference Transcription Focus Group Transcription
Market Research Transcription Multilingual Transcription Online Transcription
Documents Transcription Website Transcription Content Transcription
Language Transcription Transcription Combination Industry Transcription
Audio Transcription Video Transcription Legal Transcription
Business Transcription General Transcription Sermon Transcription

While the above mentioned are the most common types of transcription that we offer, we are not limited to these. In case of any other form of transcription, you can reach out to us with your requirements and our team will assist you in any way possible.

☞ Outsourcing Transcription Services To Us

We understands the importance of preserving the confidentiality of your files and guarantees complete stealth process ensuring that all the source files as well as the final information gets back to you as per the guidelines set by us for our work process. Apart from our primary benefit we also help you out in certain ways such as:

We allow you to focus on your core work rather than investing your time in the tedious job of making the document or source understandable for your use

Our professional transcribers make sure that the documents is translated keeping in the context in mind as they understand the dialect and the grammar of the source language

You can get their source file translated into multiple languages as well as formats ensuring maximum accuracy and time efficiency

☞ Transcription Work Flow At Tridindia

Our transcription process of ensures maximum accuracy in its final product. Let’s walk you through it:

1. Client Enquiry : The client sends in the request for transcription along with the source file

2. Pre Transcription Analysis : Our experts analyse the file beforehand and for its quality, intricacy and if the file requires any special treatment. Then we prepare a pre transcription report which includes the details regarding the completion of project and mail it to the client.

3. Transcription : The document is then divided into sections and given to the professional transcribers to work on them

4. Review: The sections are edited and transcribed accordingly by the transcribers

5. Quality Check: The sections are merged and then proofread to ensure consistency and 99% accuracy of the work

6. Final File Delivery : After the completion of the process, the source file and transcribed file is given back to the client within the ensured turnaround time. The client can consult us in case of any query or changes to be made within the file.

Our simple yet methodical procedure ensures that we provide the exact final product with efficiency, accuracy and precision followed at every step.

☞ Multiple Formats Transcribed By Us:

We cater to multiple formats of the document, audio or video such as given below:



Or You can provide the link in case of online files such as YouTube or ITunes and others.

☞ About Team Tridindia

Our transcription process is handled by a group of extremely professional and talented team of transcribers who are trained native speakers in various languages and are adept in understanding various dialects and cultural nuances. This team is qualified to handle transcriptions of various fields such as business or law or medical etc.

Team of Native Transcribers

Mininum 7 Years of Experience

Subject Industry Experts Experts

Certified Transcribers

Understand Various Dialects

☞ Complimentary Features Offered By Us

At Tridindia, you get various special features on a complimentary basis along with the transcription that facilitates the reading and understanding process for you:


Technical Terminology 5 minutes Timestamp Speaker Identification
Customised transcript formatting Digitization of file Transcription of strong accents
Pre assessment of the source file

☞ Combo Services

Here are some of the popular combinations which our client bases always avail in order to improve the quality and presentation of the content:

» Transcription & Proofreading
» Transcription & Copy Editing
» Transcription & Summary

☞ Benefits Of Choosing Us For Your Transcription Need:

We can be the perfect fit for all your transcribing needs as:

Accurate and efficient results
Express turnaround time
Cost savings and within your budget
Customised as per your needs and requirements
6 step methodical and transparent work process
Dedicated team of extremely qualified and trained transcribers
Complete confidentiality and secrecy
High estimate of accuracy and efficiency

At TridIndia, we believe in giving quality work which ensures maximum accuracy, confidentiality and time efficient results to our clients making sure that they are completely satisfied and look forward towards establishing long term work bond with us. If you are looking for experiencing quality work in the field of transcription, then do get in touch with us today and make your work easier.

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