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As a reputed German Translation agency, our Translation Services in German as well as other languages have transformed the scope of translation services into a wider one. Transcending linguistic barriers and reaching out to a target audience whose language you do not understand, warrants the services of a specialized expert only. Any wayward German Translator in Delhi may not be able to handle your German translation requirements with the required finesse and tactfulness, that is worthy of your investment. For the most reliable, authentic and high-quality German Translation Services in Delhi, TridIndia’s team of certified, native German Translators is your one-stop destination.

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Significance of German Translation Services

  • German is the official language of Germany and has about hundred million native speakers.
  • This language is widely spoken in European countries such as Luxembourg, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Austria and Liechtenstein.
  • It is also spoken extensively in German colonies of Africa and South America.
  • According to Wikipedia, every year more than 80,000 books are published in German language. Whether it is in the field of science, music, tourism or business, German books can be found in every sector. This hugely represents the standard of living, education and self-awareness of this country.

In addition to this, Germany ranks as the second largest exporter in the world. In addition to this, it has been recognized as the third largest country when it comes to industrialization. The necessity of expert translation services in German language has therefore risen tremendously over a period of time.


Notable Applications of German Translation Services

1. Market Research Translation

market research translationFrom automotive to technical, healthcare industries, we offer comprehensive solutions to all the requirements related to translation of market research. With extensive experience in the domain, we render timely delivery of meticulously translated assignments.


2. Website and Software Translation

website translation Our German Localization Panel has been successfully executing a number of German Website Localization and Software Localization Assignments from across the world. While we are based in Delhi, our premium language services are available all over India and also abroad. No other translation agency can match our lofty levels of professionalism, dedication and attention to detail.


3. Technical Translation

content writingBe it the translation of German AutoCAD Drawings or the translation of different technical documents from German to English, or English to German, no other Translation Company can execute all your project requirements with the kind of flair that TridIndia does.


4. Legal Translation

legal translation Following a rigorous quality check procedure, we ensure that our legal translations reach the clients with maximum authenticity and perfection. Hence, we translate all types of legal documents with complete attention to legal terminology and phrases.


5. Financial Translation

training presentation writingIn order to communicate your message globally, our team translates varied types of websites, banking software and documents, such as investment reports, market reports, financing agreements, wealth management agreements and so on.


6. Mobile App Translation

android app translationWith an expertise of more than 200 Indian and foreign languages, our translation agency garners huge appreciation from the existing clients in the local and international market. While translating your app in German and other languages (as per your requirement), we ensure to render intact perfectionism in the translated assignment.


7. Media Translation

media translationAssociated with the leading media organizations, we offer defect-free and authentic translation services to our valuable clients. Right from invoices to multimedia presentations, we translate all types of media related documents at very affordable rates.


Unique Approach

Our approach is organized by quality, efficacy, accuracy and work ethics. We have a large pool of expert German translators who have in-depth knowledge about German translation. Our professional translators are adept with all kinds of German translations such as technical, legal, medical, financial, literary and academic, to name a few. With an experience of more than 12 years, we abide by our commitment towards providing high-quality and affordable translation services to our clients. We aim at providing all of our clients with value for money, no matter how small or big the amount is. We also value your time, and strive to provide fast turnovers for all assignments.

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