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In line with business ethics, our Hindi Translation Agency offers Translation Services in Hindi as well as other Indian and foreign languages. Our translators customize the translations as per your requirement, be it in terms of authenticity, translation quality, formatting or proof-reading. With our language translation services, we can assure you about zero lapses in translation assignments.

Hindi Translation services

TridIndia is the best multilingual translation company that specializes in providing the best quality translation services in Hindi to a number of clients across India and abroad. Right from literary translation to technical, educational, legal and business-related translations, our native Hindi translator have more than 15 years of experience and are specialists in their respective domains. Our strict quality control guidelines ensure that all our translation services in Hindi are executed with sheer finesse, cost efficiency and high levels of accuracy. Our expert translators never exceed deadlines and churn out superlative translation services in Hindi at affordable rates.

Enthralling facts about Hindi language

  • Considered as an Indo-Aryan language, Hindi is spoken by around 258 million people across the globe.
  • Hindi is commonly spoken in the states of Delhi, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Haryana, Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan.
  • Hindi is written in Devanagari (also called Nagari) script. With 11 vowels and 33 consonants, Hindi is considered to derive its academic vocabulary from Sanskrit.
  • Hindi literature is divided into four notable styles, being Bhakti, Shringar, Virgatha and Adhunik.
  • Hindi is among the seven languages of India that are utilized to create web addresses (URLs).

Best Team of Certified, Native Hindi Translators

Hindi is primarily spoken by native speakers in the following states of India:-

1. Uttar Pradesh
2. Uttarakhand
3. Delhi
4. Chhattisgarh
5. Himachal Pradesh
6. Madhya Pradesh
7. Jharkhand
8. Bihar
9. Haryana

Apart from the aforementioned states, the Hindi language is also spoken in several other states of India by native and non-native speakers. TridIndia has dedicated Hindi Translators who possess specialization in their respective field of translation for more than 10 years, and deliver flawless and well-nuanced translation services. We choose and hire translators with utmost care, in order to ensure the optimum service quality for all our clients.

Areas of Hindi Translation Services

Being the most trustworthy translation company of India, we specialize in English to Hindi translations as well as Hindi to English translations. While we have displayed great prowess and excellence in all domains of Hindi Language Services so far, here’s a quick glance at our major specializations:-


1. Legal Translation in Hindi

legal translationWith an extensive experience of translating different kinds of legal documents, we have established ourselves as the leading service provider in language translation sector. Backed by a dexterous team of native translators, we provide solutions for even the most complex legal translation needs.


2. Technical Translation in Hindi

Tech SupportIncorrect translation can be a cause of lethal failure. Thus, we are associated with a skilled and proficient team of translators who aims at generating precise translation of a technical file.


3. Website and Software Localization in Hindi

website translationAs the regional parameters and technical requirements differ from one target market to another, therefore our professionals provide exceptional website and software localization services within specified deadlines.


4. Media Translation in Hindi

media translationOn account of our deep knowledge about translation services, we translate all sorts of media related documents at a very pocket-friendly rate. Undertaking our language translation services guide the clients to transcend cultural barriers and reach wider audience.


5. Medical Translation in Hindi

medical translationDealing with a huge client base, tridindia is associated with seasoned native translators, who expertise in translating various medical documents, such as physician manuals, test procedures, patient reports and so forth.


6. Hindi Transcription and Interpretation

media translationTranscription and Interpretation are very closely related linguistic disciplines. Their translation requires utmost perfection; therefore our translators provide high quality transcription and interpretation services in Hindi as well as other languages.


7. IT Translation in Hindi

training presentation writingInformation technology is a part of every aspect of human life in today’s modern world. Keeping this in mind, our native translators translate all kinds of IT related documents within time and budget frame.


8. Oil and Gas Translation in Hindi

oil and gas translationHaving strong alliance with clients from major Asian and European countries, we deploy phenomenal translation services that intensify expansion and generate income for clients.


9. Hindi Translation of Personal Documents, Certificates, Travel Documents

certificate translationGuided by more than 2000 native translators, we provide translation services in a wide range of fields. We specialize in translating all types of personal documents, certificates, travel documents etc in Hindi and other languages of the world.


10. Hindi Technical and Engineering Translation

Academic ContentWe provide all types of services that are necessary for the translation of original technical papers. We can translate varied types of documents such as technical drawings, engineering specifications, safety manuals, response to RFPs and so on.


The Art of Hindi Literary Translation

The vast body of Hindi Literature was largely formulated during the Medieval Era, wherein Bhakti Literature, Virgatha Literature and later on, Adhunik Literature became extremely popular. As far as Hindi Literary Translation is concerned, our native professional translators will provide you with unbelievably high quality of output, ensuring that each and every minute aspect of the literary prose or poem is translated with the required amount of subtlety. Also noteworthy of mention is the fact that we have a Hindi Educational Translation Team that specializes in the translation of Hindi Books, Training Manuals and E-Learning Modules.

You Cannot Translate It, Unless and Until You Understand It

Knowledge of the language is a precursor to translation. This means that in order to translate a document authentically, one should have complete knowledge about the language to be translated. Incomplete knowledge or zero knowledge leads to a content that is full of errors and faults. Thus, we deliver our services under the guidance of proficient translators who have immense knowledge in translating languages.

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