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As a globally renowned CAD File Conversion & CAD Translation Services Company India. TridIndia offers a complete array of CAD drafting services and Architectural CAD drafting services, involving conversion of paper drawings to produce 100% accurate files. We use the latest standards and techniques to convert original paper documents to CAD files. Our AutoCAD Architectural and drafting services are of high quality and provide assistance to engineers, architects and construction professionals. We have listed some of our CAD services below.

We cater to all the outsourcing requirements for a CAD project. We are a full service, affordable, high quality, CAD drawing company, specializing in CAD drafting services. Based on specific client requirements, VMD CAD Conversion uses a wide array of CAD software applications, including AutoCAD, Revit, MicroStation, VectorWorks and TurboCAD.

CAD Translation Services

We have the expertise and know-how to handle multilingual DTP projects in any format and in most world languages. We can create a new document from scratch or overwrite existing documents with the appropriate foreign language translation.

Our CAD Outsourcing Services

  • CAD Conversion
  • CAD Drafting
  • 2D and 3D Modeling
  • CAD Drawing
  • Raster to Vector Conversion
  • Architectural CAD Drafting and Designing
  • Architectural Renderings and walk throughs
  • MEP Services
  • DTP and Graphic Services
  • Format Conversion (pdf to dwg, pdf to dgn and dgn to dwg)

The Need for Prompt, Efficient CAD Services

Translation of AutoCAD drawings is a cumbersome task if you are new to the field. Without expertise in this process, there are high chances of errors and the entire process can get delayed, causing your project to go over-budget in turn! TridIndia is the top provider of fast, accurate CAD Services in India, as well as across the globe.

Complexities in CAD Translation

Organizations with technical translation requirements always have CAD documents lined up for translation at some point of time or other. If you do not have technical experts and CAD-qualified translators on board with you, each and every text element of the drawing will have to be manually searched using the pan-zoom function. There are high chances of the following errors to occur:-

•    Inconsistency of translation
•    Missing out on certain texts and elements
•    Reassignment to a different translator will surely cause terminology and style changes
•    Such efforts entail a lot of delay in project completion

Overcoming challenges with professional flair

TridIndia’s technically proficient team has been providing the most reliable and accurate CAD translation services to a wide number of reputed clients across various countries. Our rich expertise and core competence over technical translation has enabled us to overcome all the aforementioned challenges like a cakewalk! With the aid of hi-tech translation memories, computed handling of mechanical tasks and seamless coordination between professional translators and AutoCAD Experts, we achieve this fast project turnovers with high levels of precision, outlines by extremely reasonable rates!

Invoking unmatched consistency and speed in CAD Services

At TridIndia, the outstanding efforts of our AutoCAD Services Team are supplemented by the use of Translation Memories. Though we do use these memories as a substitute for any manual translation process, it definitely proves to be a helpful tool when it comes to ensuring the consistency and uniformity of the final translated version.

Translation Memories in aiding AutoCAD Projects

The translated terminology, words and phrases are stored in the memory, and come up as auto-suggestions whenever the same terms or terminology are repeated in the project. In large AutoCAD projects such as Oil and Gas Translation Projects that involve an enormous number of documents and drawings to be translated, and warrant a number of translators working on the task simultaneously, a Translation Memory helps in setting benchmarks of translation quality and achieving uniformity.

Our Modus Operandi in AutoCAD Translation

1.    Use of layers or layouts to for separate display of languages, ease of identification and printing
2.    Computerized Streamlining of Mechanical Tasks- Search, Pan, Zoom, Replacement of Text etc
3.    Supplement and speed-up manual translation with the aid of a high-tech translation memory
4.    Referring to Translation Memory for updated glossary and consistency
5.    Repeated terms auto-suggested and duly filled, thereby saving considerable time.

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