Subtitling and Voice over Translation Services

As a global entity, rendering Subtitling Services and Voice over Translation Services in Delhi India, TridIndia has immensely flourished and prospered in the realm of multimedia translation services. Translating multimedia holds tremendous importance in media and entertainment field. Many government organizations and MNCs regard subtitling and voice-overs as the major multimedia platforms for training and educating their target audiences. Hence, we are associated with a host of professionals who deliver these services with utmost authenticity and flawlessness.

Subtitling and Voice over Translation Services

Multimedia Platforms


Also known as captioning, subtitling refers to the process of displaying written translations of various dialogues and narrations on-screen. Subtitling is usually done for films, video games, television programs etc and is displayed at the bottom.

Voice over

Voice over refers to the use of a voice (that is not the part of narration) for various news reports, documentaries, presentations and programs that are broadcasted on television. It can be further described as a voice in the background that explains the detailed information.

Emerging Needs For Subtitling and Voice Over Translation Services

As the market is steadily moving towards globalization, the necessity to communicate and reach out to business associates all over the world, is driving a rise in demand for international subtitling and voice over services. Besides business associates, one can connect with his friends, family, colleagues and partner through these services. Communicating with competitors and judging their upcoming business strategies can also be performed easily with these services.

Effective and Fruitful Services

TridIndia has established exceptional expertise in multimedia translations over the years. We understand the importance of quality in multimedia translation for the entertainment and media industry. We are top professionals who can meet the growing demand for multimedia translation in multinational companies and government organizations, as they rely heavily on multimedia platforms to educate and inform their target audiences. TridIndia has established a resolute division passionate to handle all sorts of multimedia translation services, comprising subtitling, dubbing, lip synchronization and voice overs. The same is described below:

1. Subtitling Services

SubtitlingTranslating subtitles is an art form. When one thinks about subtitling, various factors strike in his/her mind, such as- the subtitles must be displayed on the screen for long, so that it is readable; it should take up a limited space and convey meaning and content of the voice script with utmost accuracy. Keeping this in view, we are associated with an adept team of translators who possess immense knowledge in writing subtitles for all types of projects. After translation, the subtitles are synchronized with video to enhance the experience of the viewer. Further, they are rigorously checked to ensure high quality output.

2. Voice-Over Translation Services

voice overIf you have a video, in any national or international language then our proficient experts can help you in replacing the existing voice over with a different voice over in a new language. This begins with transcribing the existing voice-over to translate into massive number of languages (as per the clients demands). In order to ensure accuracy, the voice-overs pass through qualitative checks and editing.

3. Dubbing

DubbingDubbing is also a central multimedia translation service we excel in; it is the accurate dubbing of audio content in video productions. At times, when producers are not fully satisfied with the subtitling they may take dubbing services, which is also a more universal procedure to convert video productions for international markets. Dubbing does not involve interpretation, therefore, perfect for those with lower level of primary schooling. A lot of company prefers dubbing as it reproduces the experience of the original video. Despite of the growing reputation of voice-over and subtitling, the process of dubbing and lip synchronization is still one of the preferred ways to watch video content in alternative language. Dubbing requires clinical expertise because the dialogue must be translated in such a manner that it matches the lips of the original actor.

TridIndia has the team of dubbing experts who can dub video content for almost every market and is prepared to handle all your dubbing needs.

4. Lip Sync

Lip SyncLip Synchronization is use parallel with dubbing is a procedure where the inset of audio tries to match the lip movements of the original actors. This process is important in feature films as it eases the audience to better understand the content and create the illusion that the content was initially filmed in the dubbed language.

Audio-visual Projects, In the Best Hands

Through authentic and qualitative services, TridIndia ensures its clients that their audio-visual projects are in the best hands. We make sure that both the subtitling and voice over translation services undergo stern quality checks and post production editing, to avoid any sort of flaw. As well as we offer our services at a very competitive price.

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