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Find or search or hire Language Recruitment Services at TridIndia that is one of the leading Multilingual Recruitment Consultants Agencies with 10+ years of experience in the placement sector. We have successfully fulfilled 3000+ multilingual vacancies for MNCs, NGOs and global companies or industries on permanent, contract and freelance basis (as per the needs of the client). Further, we offer multilingual recruitment services in New Delhi NCR India UAE Mumbai Japan Sweden China Germany France Russia Portugal Hyderabad Bangalore Gurgaon Chennai Noida Kolkata Pune Ghaziabad Amritsar Chandigarh and worldwide countries. So, wherever you are, we have got you covered with comprehensive multilingual recruitment solutions, designed for both employers and candidates. This implies that our recruitment and placement agency works to unite companies with deserving multilingual candidates.

In today’s world, there is a constant need to eliminate the repetitive back office HR Functions and maintain strategic HR focus. Thus most of the organizations are inclining towards recruitment consultancies for acquiring a talented team and boosting organizational performance. Maintaining tandem with the changing trends in Indian recruitment industry, we offer phenomenal headhunting services to a number of industries requiring multilingual candidates. Hence, if you are a company/industry that is in a quest to locate talented and self-motivated candidates for translation and interpretation, then TridIndia is your ultimate destination. With a vivacious team of HR consultants, we specialize in hiring eligible multilingual candidates as per the designation and specification by the client.

☞ How TridIndia Helps the Employers?

The headhunting experts at TridIndia help the global organizations and employers in a number of ways:

a) Recruiting Fresh Talent

Why Companies Lack Behind in the Market Race: Often, we see that an industry or a company fails to accomplish its desired targets due to the insufficient or improper organizational performance. Most of the organizations fail to realize that the major reason for this is the lack of competent team in their premises. If you are into international business dealings and facing such problems, then the reason for your failure could be the following:

»  Absence of multilingual translator
»  Absence of multilingual interpreter
»  Wrong approach to reach to the eligible candidates
»  Associating with translators/interpreters who are ignorant of the nuances of different languages

TridIndia’s Winning Solution: As mentioned above, we are a leading HR consultancy aimed at providing talented translators and interpreters to various global organizations. Since, we are dealing in the translation industry for the last 15 years; therefore we have garnered a huge database of experienced and certified translators as well as interpreters who are versed in multiple languages Whether you require multilingual candidates for freelancing purposes/for your in-house team/short-term assignments/long-term assignments, we recruit eligible candidates as per your specifications.

b) Diverse Multilingual Human Resource Recruitment Services

We offer a huge range of bilingual and multilingual placement services to the companies/ industries, according to their needs and preferences:

I. Human Resource Outsourcing and Recruiting : Since, Outsourcing HR requirements is a major need today, therefore we guide the companies in outsourcing their human resources and ensuring that only the talented lot of candidates (translators/interpreters) is recruited from our end.

II. Employee Engagement : It often happens that the organization’s workforce has absence of intrinsic motivation that adversely affects the overall organizational performance. Hence, our team undertakes the entire process from root cause analysis to final implementation of the techniques that assures high engagement levels.

III. Design Organization’s Performance Management System : With our effective services, you can recognize the high performers in your organization and identify the changing needs and requirements of your employees.

☞ How TridIndia Helps the Candidates?

Our team is not just meant to serve the HR needs of organizations. We also assist the job seekers in a in a number of ways, so that they are recruited at their desired job role, at desired salary package:

a) Enlighten Their Path to Multilingual Vacancies : Why Candidates Could Not Find the Right Match for Their Career: It is a common situation where the multilingual candidates (translators/interpreters) fail to identify the correct industry/company for them. Even if they join a company/industry, with no idea of its impact on their future, it just results in job dissatisfaction and a decreased morale level. Thus, most of the candidates are found to be unable to reach out to the right organization. The reason for your inability could be any of the following:

✓  Unclear specifications for your desired company/industry
✓  Wrong approach to reach to the organization
✓  Absence of proper guidance for career
✓  Lack of confidence and motivation

TridIndia’s Winning Solution: We boast of a dedicated team of HR consultants, who believe that understanding the candidate’s need and desires should be the prime concern. Thus, our team makes sure that the multilingual candidates (seeking for translation/interpretation job) are recruited and appointed in the right industry and company. Further, we understand that sometimes the candidates are a bit nervous, unconfident or possess a decreased morale. Hence, to make sure that the candidate performs with excellence for his own career as well as the organization, our team follows up with them to instill higher motivation, confidence and loyalty in them.

b) Comprehensive Assistance at Every Step

We provide a comprehensive docket of services to the job applicants that help them in shaping their career as well as grab job opportunities as per their specifications:

I. Career Management : If you are looking to enhance your career prospects and switch to better roles and profiles, then our team can definitely guide you towards the right path

II. Short-Term Assignment for Freelancers : We also provide various short-term assignments to freelance translators and interpreters for a number of hi-end companies. This serves as a lucrative aspect of their translation/interpretation career

III. Business Delegates : Each day, a number of business meetings are scheduled that necessitate the presence of experienced Translators and Interpreters. Thus, when we receive any such requirement, we send the candidates as business delegates for precise translation and interpretation.

☞ Major Industry Verticals

We usually undertake and have successfully delivered HR services across Indian, Middle East, African, European and Asian Countries and in various industries, including –

✓  Real estate and construction ✓  Hospitality
✓  Automotive ✓  IT and Technical
✓  Healthcare ✓  Media and Marketing
✓  Logistics ✓  Finance
✓  Publishing ✓  Retail
✓  Education ✓  Manufacturing

☞ Why Choose Us?

✓  Industry wise specific Database
✓  Corporate LinkedIn account
✓  Comprehensive Referral Network
✓  Access to all the Major Job Portals
✓  We offer perfect jobs by location, sector and language
✓  We have placed more than 6,000 multilingual candidates 34 languages in 26 countries
✓  We boast of well-trained and professional industry specific Multilingual Recruiters
✓  Offer bright future prospects to the candidates
✓  Help the companies to focus on employee’s performance and improve communication, efficiency, employee morale and productivity.
✓  Focus on providing tangible and long-term returns on investment
✓  We follow a proactive and ethical approach

☞ Fill Up Your Multilingual Vacancies Today..!!

Serving the requirements of both the organizations and multilingual candidates, TridIndia is a link between both of them. Our team co-ordinates their workflow in such a manner that recruits eligible multilingual candidates for the companies as well as suggest appropriate companies to the multilingual candidates (as per their expectations). Thus, do not miss any opportunity to associate with our team and direct your efforts in the right direction.

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