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In the age of globalization the oil and gas industry is one of the most significantly advancing and crucially imperative industry spread all over the world. Oil and gas both are found underneath the surface of earth. These are the most valuable natural resources for producing energy.

The oil and gas industry embraces two sectors: ‘upstream’- the exploration and production part of the industry; then ‘downstream’-the part which manages the refining and processing of crude oil and gas produces, their supply and marketing. Companies functioning in the industry may perhaps be having equally upstream and downstream benefits, or may well focus on a specific area, generally identified as an E&P company or an R&M company.

A number of big companies function across many countries and are defined as ‘multi-nationals’, whereas other minor companies focus on particular areas of the world and are frequently mentioned to as ‘independents’. Often, a particular nation has vested its interests in oil and gas in a domestic company, by its name frequently imitating its nationwide parenting. In the upstream area, much dependence is positioned upon service and upon supplier companies who deliver professional technical facilities to the industry, oscillating from geophysical surveys, drilling and cementing, to catering and hotel services in provision of setups. This association amid contractors and the oil companies has promoted a handy corporation, and progressively, contractors are completely combined with the organization and principles of their clients.



Oil and gas industry has affected each and every scope of human life. By the influx of technical advances and studies, the demand of gas and oil industry is growing at a prompt pace. Around 70 to 80 per cent worldwide economic development rest on this industry. Oil and gas are projected to keep on being the leading energy resources for eras to come.

These are the following processes involve in oil and gas industry

  • Exploration procedure is involved in the foundation of oil and gas
  • Complete production and development of crude oil or natural gas
  • Shipping
  • Marketing and consumers

Every single trade has its distinctive challenges, terms and policies. Oil and gas industry embraces together offshore and onshore energy sectors placed in different parts of the world.


Oil and gas industry general function

  • Supply of the fuel
  • Oil platform controller on Sub-sea
  • Analysis of resource (renewable)
  • Appropriate controlling of asset
  • Translation of Radical decorum
  • Submersible pump checking and pressure temperature gauges
  • Flow metering of gas, oil, sand, water

The oil and gas industry inaugurates the passage to discover the oil well at the exact positions and excavate gas and oil successfully. These bases are established profoundly inside the earth and appropriate technique must be conceded out at the particular site. The whole procedure involves huge amount of capital investment which is the foremost reason for the price hike in this industry. The prices of the oil and gas can be controlled somewhat by lowering production cost.

Major companies dealing in this industry are- Shell, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, Total S A and BP. Russia, USA, Iran, China are the main producers of oil in the world. There are number of other companies which are investing billions of dollars in this multi-million industry to retain and upturn the production and advancement of oil & gas. Retaining the exploration procedure in an appropriate way is very imperative for the growth of this industry.

At present, oil & gas industry is implementing certain fresh guidelines and expertise to meet the approaching demands and handle the ecological concerns. Production and exploration companies particularly emphasis on discovering hydrocarbon reservoirs, gas wells plus drilling oil then marketing and generating these resources. This whole procedure grows underneath the upstream gas and oil sector.


Translation services in oil & gas industry

In the contemporary age oil and gas industries need to device translation projects with gradually shorter time and from every corner of the world. Vibrant and all-in-one technical oil and gas translation and localization in several languages is principal to the accomplishment of these widespread, promptly organized companies. Cutting-edge tools and multifaceted procedures demand for high-tech upstream translation and downstream translation jobs and translation supervision tools.

Tridindia is a premium source of quality translation services for the oil & gas industry. We have a strong alliance with translators in USA, USSR, Ukraine and other major Asian and European countries we are superlatively placed to provide services custom-made to our oil and gas translation clients having particular business targets, which intensifies expansion and generate higher income.

Tridindia dedicates us in translations for Oil and Gas industry. We are expert in translating operation and installation manuals for drilling platforms, seismic studies, drilling expedition reports, performance data of installations, contracts and legal agreements for drilling and pipeline installation and practice.

Tridindia recognize the complications of oil & gas industry-starting from upstream oil and gas exploration to downstream marketing processes-in addition we ensure the right proficiency and means to supply refined, custom-made services for the industry. Tridindia provide our oil & gas sector clients several benefits:

■  The paramount wide-ranging group of translators in the oil & gas industry, equipped with industry and target nation proficiency/familiarity. We have wide-ranging understanding with translations for all foremost nationwide oil and gas firms.
■  We have established industry specific methods to decrease implementation risk and highest return on investment.
■  Precise translation tools for different industries with the best quality and consistent upstream translation and downstream translation solutions. We are simply the best as soon as it comes to realize superior productivities, which ultimately leads to profit maximization to our clients.

Our original, well-known, and outgoing policy let us manage assignments proficiently while building value and reaching targets.

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