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Are you planning to expand your business to abroad? Patent translation might be something you need to invest in. With patent translation, you can easily translate your patent specification and other related documents in the focused country’s language. This type of translation will definitely help you in global expansion and making huge profits.
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Why You Should Invest in Patent Translation Today?

As per a survey, 80% people around the world are preferring to get their patent translated as this will give them huge profits. By investing in proficient translation, you can assure you have an expert who is well-experienced in translating various languages. It is essential to have a translators who can efficiently speak and translate both the source language and the targeted language. Translations have prerequisites for their linguists like industry experience, university degree, and demonstrated capability to translate effortlessly in their studied languages. Translation Company can also provide you the choice of having certified translation that will make it easy for both parties to understand each other conveniently which freelancers are not able to provide.

Fastest professional patent translation services by 4000+ certified patent translators who offer accurate patent translation in 250+ languages for government, public, and private sectors. Patent is regarded as an important piece of document that prevents inventor interest and gives him/ her exclusive right to use, a first mover advantage, for certain period of time until he/ she improvise. Since the world is a big place with so many languages, it has become highly important to know what does translation mean if you want to grow among multiple languages market. Translations help in giving clear-cut information and creating a mutual understanding between two or more associated parties. Hence, don’t overlook the need to translate patent-related documents if there are any language differences.

Affordable Patent Translation Services for Your Business

Patent translations are important to keep the connection strong between individuals and making sure that there are no miscommunication barriers. You can be really confident that through translation, you will get talented translators who are capable of translating whether it is orally or through a document. Professional Translation Company offers best translation and you don’t have to think is translation affordable while choosing our solutions. Translators are extensively trained to know how to fluently speak and translate from one language to other. With translation solutions, you can be confident to know that you will get proper translation and be able to convey the correct message in your audience’s native language.








Need of Patent Translation Services For Your Business Today

The reason why companies prefer patent translation as it enables them to stop any third party infringing of their property. The sole purpose of patent is to keep interest of the investors who spends years and huge financial resource in inventing and creating revolution products. In this, getting with the professionals is best as they follow translation quality standards to deliver accurate translation. Some other reasons you need to consider patent translating solutions as the main priority are listed below –

Access to Global Market

Through translating patent-related content, you can protect your rights in the local region and other areas as well where a different language is used. You can use it as proof of owning the invention and starting a business around a specific invention. This translation will help you access global market.

A Global Hit

Patent is proof of your invention and preventing other companies from making unauthorized access of it. It could be of the design within the design, machinery, product, architecture, engineers, etc. By not translating you are actually limiting yourself from going global.

Boost Sales

Patent translation helps in generating the mutual understanding and benefits between two or more parties which ultimately boost sales. It can be used to settle disputes overseas. That means, you can keep a reliable image of your invention preventing others from making any misuse of it.

Boost ROI

Apart from preventing others from using your invention without your permission, you can make the biggest use of your translated patent by licensing it for others to use or sell it with any asset. This could act as an additional and the most important source of great revenue for your business.

Strategic patent translation helps in retaining the strong competitive edge in the market place and can prevent your competitors from any unauthorized access. In a today’s world it has become more important to beware and prepare for any cause. That’s why many consider opting for professionals translation is best as there is no lost in translation situation that can hinder the growth.

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We at Tridindia

Professional Patent Translation For Business Growth

High-quality patent translation focuses on bridging the communication gap by assisting companies reach a multivariate global audience by communicating in a language their clients are comfortable in and relate to. Whether it is a traditional brick and mortar business or an evolving online venture, translations coupled with the growing online population provides a lucrative market that was not possible 20-30 years back. That is the reason why people have understand benefits of professional translator and know what is quality translation and its significance in this era of globalization.

Professional Patent Translators – Preferring professional translators will give you an assurance of getting proper translation without any error
High-quality – Hiring a trusted translation company will make sure that quality standard is maintained in the translated document.

Types Of Patent Translation We Offer

Translation process is not easy but expert translators are able to handle translation challenges with much ease. We provide accurate translation of all your patent related documents that helps organizations to prevent several unfortunate situations. There are some common types of translations our dedicated team of patent translating experts offer:

  • Provisional Patents
  • Plant Patents
  • Reissue Patents
  • Partial Patents
  • Design Patents
  • Regular Utility Patents
  • Full Patents
  • Draft Patents
  • And Many More…

Since 2002, we have been constantly working with many leading patent departments and agencies around the world to provide high-quality translations. So, you can confidently trust on us.

Benefits of Outsourcing Patent Translation Services to Us

Poorly translated documents or any mistakes can weaken the protective power of a patent and can result in a heavy loss. There is need to understand importance of globalization and translation to ensure your patent is translated according to the required market language. Our prominent translators not only possess excellent linguistic skills, but they are technology professionals as well who better understand the significance of technical accuracy. We provide clear translations after checking the output for its acceptance at the patent offices globally. Some benefits you can access by working with us are as follows –

Data Privacy

We value the privacy and confidentiality of your information. Therefore, we ensure none of your details are shared with the third party.

Culturally Relevant

Our translators have sound knowledge of the targeted languages and technical terminologies. They ensure there is no cultural issues.

Quality Control Systems

Backed by a team of native speakers with educational background and expertise in the specific field, we ensure quality from the initial request to the final delivery.

Faster TAT

We understand that the need for translation for patent generally arise within strict deadlines. So, we are available to help you with timely delivery of translation at last minutes also.

Years Of Experience

We are working in this industry for more than 18 years and it has given us enough understanding through which we can provide prominent translation.

Patent Experts

We have some really talented patent experts who have enough knowledge and skills to translate your patents appropriately as well as accurately without leaving any error.

Our translators are selected for their years of experience, fluency, and knowledge of the targeted languages, and subject matter expertise. The best and unique point is that we perform the entire translation manually without using any software to ensure greater consistency and improved accuracy. Our experts are skilled and ensure no wrong translation for your patents. That means, you don’t require to worry about anything as we’ll take care of everything.

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    Your Trusted Patent Translation Agency Online

    There is a major significance when it comes to patent translation for everyone. Completely operating in English can hold back companies as well as businesses. Look for the particular types of translation I need to grow solutions in the better way. When you know the type and importance of translation for everyone, you can see the necessity of investing in trusted Patent translation agency.

    Types of Patent related documents

    • Patent applications
    • Patent appeal documents
    • Articles of manufacture
    • Business method documents
    • Patent claims
    • Cross-licensing agreements
    • Defensive patent aggregation material
    • Defensive publication information
    • Defensive termination notifications
    • Patent disclaimers
    • Field-of-use
    • Field-of-use limitation documentation
    • Licensing
    • Patent infringement
    • Technical disclosure bulletins
    • Inventors’ notebooks
    • Invention documents
    • Methods documentation
    • Originating applications
    • Patent drawings
    • Patent information news and much more

    We can work on any patent document and can provide accurate translation that will help you massively. With professional translation of patent, you can target any market.

    Our Experts Patent Translators

    Professional Patent Translation Experts

    For good translation you need great language skills, of both target and source languages. That is a basic need to begin translating texts. The method may look quite easy at first when you look at the source text. Then, sometime later, you will realize that your language knowledge is not enough. That’s where the role of professional translators comes in play. At Tridindia, we provide Patent Translation of top notch quality, justifying information about design and patent type; helping you in all your legal matter. Our translation work is widely accepted across entire domain; justifying the rights of patent holder.

    Types of Languages We Offer Patent Translation In

    As we have a network of more than 2000 translators around the globe, we specialize in translating any types of documents or other content into and from any language. Following are some of the examples of languages for which we provide translations –

    • Arabic Patent
    • Spanish Patent
    • Russian Patent
    • Italian Patent
    • Tamil Patent
    • Hindi Patent
    • Marathi Patent
    • Japanese Patent
    • German Patent
    • Chinese Patent and more

    Don’t restrict our services and solutions to only these languages because we have worked and constantly providing translations in more diverse language pairs. Just tell us which languages you need to target, and we’ll meet your requirements with fast turnaround time and complete accuracy.

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    Why Choose Us

    Choosing Tridindia for Patent Translation solutions can be the best decision.

    Looking for the ways through which you can eliminate the language gaps? We are here to help. We provide translation along with avoiding all mistakes and providing a reliable description of your invention. While working with us, you can enjoy various benefits of translation for your solutions. Following are some reasons why we are a preferred choice for many large corporations today.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    We have a huge team of professionals who translates every document by maintaining certain standards of quality and accuracy. This assures you to get error-free translation.

    Comprehensive Language Solutions

    Our company provides you comprehensive language solutions which will help you to get your document translated in any language you want and also you can target any market.


    All the translator at our place are certified and hence we can provide you certified translation which will definitely help you in any serious matter like legal or medical.

    Native Expert

    Our team holds 150+ translators who have worked with different industries and have knowledge to do the kind of translation you want us to do.

    Easy Project

    Easy project consultation is something you can count on at our place. Hiring us will give you a benefit to save your time while consulting with us and invest it in some other crucial task.

    Fastest Turnaround

    We offer you fastest turnaround time which will guarantee you that your translation assignment will be delivered within or before the deadline without any delay.

    The Unbeatable Patent Translation Master since 2002

    Translation is more than just exchanging the words by converting it into another language. Translation fills language gaps between cultures. And for doing this, you need professionals who have enough experience to help you appropriately.
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    Take some easy steps for Patent Translation Order

    If you want to translate your patents appropriately, you need to hire professionals who knows about translation deeply. To hire us, you just need to take some small steps:

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Patent Translation

    Our company has worked for 18+ years which might give you an understanding of how much we have worked for different industries. While translating any document we use our knowledge and experience to do it appropriately. Also, we have 150+ professional translators who have enough experience to translate your document correctly.
    Yes, of course, as we mentioned earlier we have lots of experience and knowledge to offer you accurate translations that ensures there is no room for errors.
    It doesn’t matter whether it is an individual or company who have approached us, we work for everyone who needs our patent translation. And perform effectively for both individual and company.
    No, there is no specific order size we accept. We are ready to do as much translation as you want but the size of the order will decide the TAT.
    As mentioned earlier, the order size will decide the TAT of the project. However, you don’t need to worry about the delivery. We deliver way quickly in comparison to others.
    The charges for patent translation will completely depend on the delivery time you want, number of words, the file format, and the language combination that you need.
    Approach us via Skype or phone or mail us at [email protected]. We would respond to you within no time.
    We mainly prefer bank or PayPal. If you are comfortable in any other payment method you can surely contact us we might help you.
    Our company offers both Indian and international languages and provides translation in more than 250 languages.
    You will get the invoice via email.
    While we serve clients from all over the world, our company is located on the Second Floor, Plot-19, Sector-5, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (N.C.R.), U.P. – 201005.

    With years of experience, we know what your industry needs for growth.

    Through our industry knowledge and experience, we execute translation that will definitely profit your business.