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Do you want to drive more traffic on your video content? A creative video can only attract a limited audience, but when you want to draw the attention of a targeted audience who speaks Arabic, you need to create its transcript. When you publish a video with its transcript having searchable Arabic words, Google will boost your content’s searchability and accessibility.
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Why You Should Invest in Arabic Transcription in India?

There are around 295 million speakers in the world who speak the Arabic language. It’s also the official language of 28 various countries, including several dynamic, increasing economies in Africa and the Middle East. Actually, in the United Kingdom’s best 50 export market in goods, six Arabic-speaking countries seem to be a combined value to the economy that goes beyond Italy, China, and Spain. This is because, in a report by the British Council, Arabic is positioned as the second most significant ‘language of the future’.

This means that your business should take care of the information before publishing it on different platforms. If you are targeting Arabic-speaking audiences, then you should also present it in the same language. Information in the present knowledge age plays a crucial role specifically in corporate decision-making. Keeping up dedicated resources to jot down important points is a virtual impossibility, remembering today’s quick-paced world. Organizations, understanding these facts, are well equipped with visual and audio aids to r information that is later changed into a text form – this process is often considered as transcription. When you outsource the entire process of transcription beyond one’s national boundaries, it requires a form of transcription outsourcing.

What We Offer in Arabic Transcription in India

All transcription companies are not equal. What separates us from others is that we provide competitive transcription prices and make sure that your work is completed by the best. Whatever you provide us, we will complete it with the help of our team of transcribers. We have a very experienced team who are highly trained, professional, efficient, and specialised. Our team members have good know-how across different fields like medical, legal, and corporate fields making sure accuracy as well as a decent service. Check below the given list of Arabic transcription services that we offer.
  • Arabic Legal Transcription
  • Arabic Medical Transcription
  • Arabic Media Transcription
  • Arabic Religious Transcription
  • Arabic Interview Transcription
  • Arabic Lecture Transcription
  • Arabic Research Transcription
  • Arabic Academic Transcription
  • Arabic Audio Transcription
  • Arabic Video Transcription
  • Arabic Insurance Transcription
  • Arabic Podcast Transcription
  • Arabic Voice Transcription
  • Arabic MP3 Transcription
  • Arabic Subtitle Transcription
  • Arabic Speech Transcription
  • Arabic Music Transcription
  • Arabic Movie Transcription
  • Arabic Book Transcription
You are not required to plan and predict; you only do your business as well as focus on what you do best let us take care of the rest. We are large enough to handle the volume and offer a fully comprehensive Arabic transcription, yet small enough that you provide consistency of service as well as a rapport you can trust. Regardless of the tedious nature of the work, it needs time and skills – we have both, so you don’t need to.

Benefits of Outsourcing Arabic Transcription Services in India to Us

Do you find it difficult to train any of your in-house members to create transcripts out of audio/video? Are you not able to find the right candidate to do transcription for you? Outsourcing Arabic transcription services to Tridindia ends the headache: you need not waste time like who can do the job perfectly. It enables your business to grow. You don’t need to waste money unnecessary before you need it, you just need to book any suitable Arabic transcription service with us when needed. We promise a speedy yet accurate transcript. Here are some more benefits that you would get.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a key to make any transcript successful. When your project is assigned to any of our suitable transcribers, he/she will take care of the quality at every step and our quality analyst will check the transcript to ensure it is quality rich.

Secure & Confidential

We know the importance of keeping the information completely secure. When you outsource your requirement to us, you will provide us files to change into the transcript, we will keep them completely confidential and won’t share them with a third party.

Quick and Accurate Translation

Fast and accurate translation makes any content understandable for native viewers. After your transcript will be created and you want it to be in Arabic job, our native translator will make sure that the translation should be done flawlessly.

Professional Translators

If you expect quality rich, accurate, readable and genuine transcripts, then you need to outsource your requirement to a professional company. Tridindia feels pride that we have expert transcribers specialized in creating an impressive transcript.

At Tridindia, we feel pride for accomplishing a quick turnaround in a predefined time frame, providing flexibility to your business irrespective of its size, so that you can develop and thrive. By using our Arabic transcription services, we can set you free so that you get on with the actual purpose of your work. Your priorities turn out clearer once again, understanding that your transcription work is going on a consistently top standard and is free from the risks related to the daily business demands.
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To help reduce the time of typing or writing the important points spoken during the conference call, Tridindia is supplying high-quality Arabic transcription services. This enables people working your company to focus more on the other operations and projects. Out adept transcribers will do their job at their best and deliver readable, exceptional and grammatically correct transcripts at a fast pace. We have worked with different businesses and delivered the best work.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

If your requirements state that you need an Arabic transcript, we have comprehensive language solutions for you to attract more viewers.

Native Expert

We have a team of dedicated, passionate and skilled transcribers who have the know-how of transcription and how to make a transcript impactful.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

Our quality control team would check the transcript thoroughly and make sure that it should meet high standards of quality and accuracy.


We provide state-of-the-art certified transcription services in the Arabic language in which we assure you transcript should be error-free.

Easy Project

We give preference to project consultation to ensure that we take complete clarity on the project requirement and work accordingly.

Fastest Turnaround

Completing the transcription job faster is important to meet the deadlines. We strive to do it so that our clients get their transcripts on time.
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