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Why You Should Invest in Audio Translation Today?

If you’re working in an international company or multi-lingual workspace, clear, good, communication is important. How many times have you got a lot of material to work with — suppose, a presentation or a training video — just to have it come from the different branches where many different languages are spoken? What if you’re in a different country but you record some part of an event or a seminar that is in another language and you require it for professional development? Or do you own a YouTube video, movie, or show that you want to make accessible for the whole new market? That’s when you need an audio translation.

The manual translation of audio content is primarily required by leading companies, that need to process and convert the bulk of audio files. This is extremely important in businesses, where a small mistake in the message or misrepresentation might backfire with a huge loss. It can be used to convert corporate audio to target the potential audience, train multilingual staff, and for more purposes. Although translation tools help in quick conversion, they often provide inaccurate outputs. To maintain the full credibility of the message, it is extremely important to get it translated by experienced native human experts.

Affordable Audio Translation Services for Your Business

As businesses are going global, so they have to communicate with foreign clients regarding the projects. Most companies share presentations or videos to explain their work plan to clients but they forget to adapt it for them so that they understand everything well in their native language. As a result, businesses need to choose affordable audio translation services to break the communication gap. Usually, audio translation is done from audio to text i.e. audio content from one language is translated into the text format of a target language. Translating audio to target lingo helps your clients understand what you want to explain regarding products or services. Tridindia audio translators convert audio into text and precisely translate a document to ensure better understanding.







Need of Audio Translation Services For Your Business Today

Audio is undoubtedly the most effective means of communication and business advertisement. To make the audio understandable for the target audience, you need the assistance of one of the reliable Indian translation companies. Here are some of the benefits that you’ll get from Audio translation solutions:

Penetrate New Market

Before you enter a new market, it is essential to get aware of all the factors that can impact your business growth. Thus, translating audio marketing materials is important when you are targeting the global marketplace.

Reach Target Audience

In order to make your audio material available to the global audience, it is essential to provide it in their native language. With audio translation, you can reach potential customers across the world without any additional cost.

Create Reputation

Translation can help your company to build and protect its reputation by reaching the target audience. If you’re having any audio in a format that targeted people could not understand, get it correctly translated to leave a positive impression.

Better ROI

Translation is the cost-effective method for recorded conferences, e-learning programs, and all audio files because it saves your money on re-creating the entire content again. You can let your message reach the required people across the world.

After reading these points, it gets clear that translating audio files in any format and volume can be a cost-effective and result-oriented way of expanding business globally. Our reputable voiceover translation service provider is specialized in grammar, culture, tone, and all nuances.

Types of Audio Translation We Offer

We can deliver impeccable document translation that comprises the texts of audio content which needs to be shared with non-native audiences. So, you can contact us for translating the following types of audio script –

  • TV & Radio Shows
  • Advertising Material
  • Broadcast Programs
  • Website Audios
  • Webcast/Podcast
  • Educational Videos
  • Public Service Message
  • Legal Translation
  • Audio Tours
  • Talk Shows
  • Training Audios
  • Films/DVDs
  • Technical Audio Manuals
  • Sales Presentation
  • E-Learning Programs
  • Self-Help Audio
  • Voicemail Messages
  • Interactive Voice Response

Whether you need a translation of business meetings material, training content, product launch audio, or other audio scripts, you’ll always find us supportive for the conversion of any audio content to texts and to successfully translate your documents.

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Professional Audio Translation to Make Your Message Understandable

Audio is unquestionably the ideal way to interact with the target audience. Also, this is an ideal way to promote the product in many regions. This is why. Audio translation has turned crucial for companies amid promotion. From healthcare to legal companies and e-commerce is utilizing advanced and effective localization to localize its audio content. Audio translation is also highly useful for those who are visually impaired. Tridindia is here to help you from end to end with its professional audio translation. So, if you want to get the expected results, make sure that the content cuts across language barriers.

Greater Understanding – Audio translation solution enable you to make your podcast accessible in selected languages to boost your audience's understanding.
Specialization – Our professional team has great expertise in providing an exceptional and professional audio translation that seems the same as the original content.

Type of Languages We Offer for Audio Translation

We know that clear communication is the first step to achieving understanding. When it comes to the tailor-made rush translation for documents of audio texts, we are here to offer you the same in the different Indian and foreign languages.

Our incomparable audio translation solutions save you time and money on every one of your translation projects. Our exceptional business translation service provider pays attention to details. And ensure that the audio recording is translated with full accuracy.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Audio Translation Services To Us

A professional translator takes care of the essential grammar, vocabulary, etc. when rightly translate a book available in audio form. Here are other benefits of outsourcing that you can reap:

Data Privacy

From the beginning to the delivery of accurately translated files, we remain to stick to the highest standards of confidentiality.

Quality Control Systems

Delivering quality is our utmost priority. Thus, we send the audio script to our proofreaders for review.

Years Of Experience

Tridindia has many years of experience in delivering an excellent audio translation that meets the expectations of clients.

Faster TAT

We are available to help our clients with quality translation solutions with a quick turnaround time.

Culturally Relevant

We offer top-quality translation in any Indian as well as international languages, to accurately convey the message.

Native Translator

We have native translators who have the know-how of the grammar, nuances, dialects, and culture of various languages.

With the core translation team, consisting of qualified professionals, editors, proofreaders for proper proofreading in translation, quality analysts, and project managers, we have created a reliable image in the market.

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    Our team of audio translators ensures that the translated audio should be accurate and quality-rich that engages the audience.

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    To make you reach a global audience, we also provide comprehensive language solutions with the help of our native translators.


    We offer certified and error-free audio scripts so that your audience gets to hear the right information.

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    Our native translators are experienced and have worked for different sectors. They have a strong knowledge of the translation industry.

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    We follow a systematic approach to complete the work within the stated deadline and we get success in it.

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    Incorporating our remarkable audio translation can build brand authority. With the help of audio translation, you can boost your presence in the international marketplace.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Audio Translation

    Answer: Audio translation is the process of translating audio of the presentation, song, short video, etc. into the language selected by the client.

    Answer: From Indian to foreign, we provide audio translation in any language the client demands. We have an excellent team to handle your assigned project the best.

    Answer: We accept your request for different types of audio formats besides the highly preferred audio file type – .mp3, .iklax, .dss, .act, .au, .aac, .amr, .dvf, .mmf, .aiff, .awb ,.ivs, .dct and many more.

    Answer: Yes, we have a team of experts including a project manager, audio translator and a team for worthwhile quality assurance in translation process. They work at their own pace and perform their duties really well to deliver good results.

    Answer: Yes, all of our audio translators are well-versed in speaking, and writing. They follow major translation tips and understand different languages. They take care of the tone, words to be used, pronunciation and dialect.

    Answer: Yes, we keep up the originality of the content intact while translating. The similar content is delivered but in the translated format as required. We  ensure that the translated content meets the various translation quality standards.

    Answer: We consider every translation project as a service, and not just a commodity – we alter our pricing to meet our client’s needs.

    Answer: The perfect way is to email us the audio file you would like translated. After this, we will respond with an estimated cost and turn-around time.

    Answer: Yes, we contain confidentiality agreements. And the materials are kept under tight security with limited access while in our office.

    Answer: The time our translators will take to translate your audio file is based on your project size, audio complexity and needed language(s). We don’t provide a “one-size-fits-all” service.

    Answer: You can send us requirements and audio files through the mail. We will check and discuss the same with you.

    Answer: To contact us, give us a call at +91-8527599523  or mail at [email protected]. Feel free to visit our office- Second Floor, Plot-19, Sector-5, Rajendra Nagar, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad (N.C.R.), U.P. – 201005.


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