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Do you want qualitative research interviews in a written form? Get your recordings transcribed. You heard it right, publishing a transcript along with your videos can help your target audience learn from your information and save it for future use. This is the easiest and most convenient method to drive more audiences.
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Why You Should Invest in Bhojpuri Transcription in India?

As per the 2001 census, there are 33 million Bhojpuri speakers in India, however, a few people estimate the number to be around 150 million in India, and 6 million somewhere else. Bhojpuri is a language spoken in different regions of north, central and eastern India. It is spoken in the north western part of Jharkhand, western region of the state of Bihar and the Purvanchal district of Uttar Pradesh (UP), and adjoining parts of the Nepal Terai. Also, Bhojpuri is spoken in Suriname, Guyana, Trinidad, Fiji, Tobago and Mauritius.

Although, there are many people who would like to watch movies in the Bhojpuri language. But this is now not limited to the films. Businesses often deal with clients or customers who speak this language. To provide them detailed information in their native language, they are investing in transcription services. This is an excellent way to make your audience learn about you in the language they are familiar with. This also helps boost reach and engagement. It is recommended to hire a professional to get a first-class transcript at a price that meets your budget.

What We Offer in Bhojpuri Transcription in India

Do you want a transcript for your conference recording, court hearing or any audio? If yes, then Tridindia is what makes the audio-to-text transcription process easy, fast and efficient. The process is firmly professional as well as confidential, most appropriate for individuals, enterprises, and small businesses. Our transcribers deliver fast turnaround and exceptional results. We strive to match prices. Your satisfaction is assured.
  • Bhojpuri Legal Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Medical Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Media Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Religious Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Interview Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Lecture Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Research Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Academic Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Audio Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Video Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Insurance Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Podcast Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Voice Transcription
  • Bhojpuri MP3 Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Subtitle Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Speech Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Music Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Movie Transcription
  • Bhojpuri Book Transcription
No matter what type of transcription you pick based on your requirements, we’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you are delightfully happy. We give the assurance of correctness of our transcription work for a full year. We strive to align each word to audio, quick to review as well as confirm. So, when you want professional work, always count on us.

Benefits of Outsourcing Bhojpuri Transcription Services in India To Us

If a picture speaks a thousand words, can you think about what a video can do? Just have a look at the social media that is progressing, with the likes of YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms. Thus, people can’t just rely on watching, but they prefer to note down the pointers. So, businesses should make it easy for the viewers to fetch complete information. Outsource your transcription requirements to Tridindia to get the professional work at the fastest turnaround time. The clients will get to enjoy several other benefits when they partner with us.

Quality Assurance

We give complete assurance of the quality because a good transcription can attract viewers attention. The transcript undergoes a quality check process so that our proof readers review it, fix errors, and send it to you.

Professional Transcriptionists

A professional transcriber has the ability to make or break the audience's trust. At Tridindia, we have a team of talented transcribers who can transcribe efficiently. They have the required experience and skill set that make transcripts rich.

Quick and Accurate Translation

No matter which language your recording has, if you want the transcript to be in a different language like Bhojpuri we are here to help you. Our transcribers are native and they have the ability to directly create a transcript in the selected language.

Secure and Confidential

Many clients often request to keep their business information completely secure. At Tridindia, we always consider our clients' concerns and ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure their provided files are confidential.

Businesses always select a transcription agency that is capable of handling Bhojpuri transcription. Only professional transcribers whose native language is Bhojpuri can do transcription from one language to another. Tridindia has a team of professional Bhojpuri transcribers who provides reliable and accurate transcripts of your content, adapted to enter the target market. We follow a rigorous quality assurance process to meet the highest standards. You can rest assured that your Bhojpuri transcriptions are delivered on time and with our promise of quality.

Why Choose Us

Partner with Tridindia and Get Trusted Bhojpuri Transcription Service

Bhojpuri transcriptions are created at our state-of-the-art transcription company, Tridindia. Bhojpuri has the facilities to transcribe any type of audio/video recordings to the transcript. We have expertise in Bhojpuri transcription for an interview, video games, and mobile content, saving you money and time when it comes to transcribing your Bhojpuri project. We ensure the consistency and accuracy of the Bhojpuri version of the transcript.

Comprehensive Language Solutions

We are the leading provider of complete language solutions. If you want the transcript to be created in the Bhojpuri language, we are ace at it.

Native Expert Transcriptionists

We have the best team of native expert transcribers who hold many years of experience in this field. They take care of the grammar and sentence structures.

Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

You can stay rest assured when it comes to meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. We conduct a quality check process to ensure excellent work.

Easy Project

To ensure that we meet your requirement, we conduct easy project consultation. We discuss everything in depth to deliver better results.


We are best at delivering certified transcription service and ensure that there should be no errors and you receive an accurate transcript that appears the same as the original.

Fastest Turnaround

We have a team of experts who are dedicated and put their best efforts to complete the transcript at the fastest turnaround time.
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