Worldwide Diabetic Food Market Survey- An Outlook To 2020

A comprehensive study of Worldwide Diabetic Food Market Survey to 2020 will help you to analyze the changes in the demand of diabetic food in the global market. Thus, by the end of this report, you will gain knowledge of Diabetic Food Market Global Industry Analysis, Trends, Share, Size, Growth and Forecast for 2014 – 2020.


As per our survey, in 2013, the global diabetic food market was evaluated at USD 7,418.6 million, while it is expected to reach USD 11,098.0 million by the year 2020, i.e. it is estimated to expand at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2014-2020. It is basically because of the increasing diabetic population globally. The proportion of diabetic population is escalating due to consumers’ busy lifestyle and their huge inclination for junk food. Additionally, due to the lack of healthy diet and physical activity, a number of younger children are diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Thus, the consciousness towards health is slowly resulting into strong preference for low calorie food items. Furthermore, most of the food manufacturers have now expanded their product line, in order to attract their target consumers for diabetic food. Not only this, some of the major food manufacturers has initiated utilizing artificial sweeteners such as Acesulfame K, Aspartame and Neo-tame instead of sugar.

Major Reason for This Growth

♦  The increasing Consumer awareness about health benefits borne to low calorie diabetic food has given birth to increasing demand of diabetic food market globally.

♦  Besides, the healthy eating habits, consumers’ food preferences are also changing, thus stimulating the demand for diabetic food products.

♦  The growing health complications associated with diabetes and increase in the number of diabetic patients are playing a vital role in escalating the demand and need for diabetic food.

♦  Improving standards of living has a positive impact on the demand for low calorie diabetic food.

Diabetic Food Preferences in Different Regions

» The demand for diabetic food is increasing in almost all the regions, but the major markets for diabetic food products are the U.S., U.K., India, China and Germany. Our survey report determines the growing preferences in the following regions:

» In 2013, North America dominated the global diabetic food market and is supposed to retain its leading position over the entire forecast period. The North American market is further followed by Europe and Asia Pacific.

“The Rising disposable income and the growth in consumer expenditure have a positive impact on the demand for diabetic food globally. Also, the concern to maintain a healthy lifestyle is upgrading the demand for diabetic food items in the rest of the world.”

» U.S. dominates and governs the diabetic food market in North America. Growing aging population and the increasing health complexities due to rise in blood glucose is generating a positive influence on the diabetic food market in the United States.

» Talking about Europe, the U.K. and Germany have dominated the diabetic food market there. The major reason for this increase in the demand for diabetic food items across Europe is the rising awareness among the masses for a healthy lifestyle.

» Japan and China leads the diabetic food market across Asia Pacific.

» Middle East and Latin America dominates the market for diabetic food products in the rest of the world.

» The gradual flow of information and awareness regarding the life risks associated with diabetes is uplifting the growth of diabetic food market in Middle East and Africa.

Segmentation of Global Diabetic Food Market

By Application Type:

■ Dairy products

■ Dietary beverages

■ Baked products

■ Ice cream and jellies

■ Confectionery

By Region and Country:

North America Latin America Australia
India Middle East Africa
U.S. Japan Scandinavia
France UK Asia Pacific
Europe Germany China
Rest of the World

Efforts by Diabetic Food Manufacturers

The efforts of the major Diabetic Food Manufacturers are now concerned at improving their distribution channel and to introduce newer and beneficial diabetic food products for the consumers. As, distribution channels play a key role in product availability and market penetration, therefore food manufacturers are focusing on creating strong distribution channels for coping up with the growing consumer demand and ensure better accessibility of diabetic food products to the global consumers.

Now-a-days, the supermarkets and hypermarkets are showcasing new low-fat products for the consumers. The Manufacturers are keen to introduce new low calorie food products with less oil and sugar substitutes. Furthermore, the food manufacturers offer a wide array of diabetic food items that can be categorized into low calorie ice cream, dietary beverages, low calorie jellies and low fat dairy products. In addition, the food manufacturers have expanded their product portfolio for including diabetic confectionery and baked products.

Top-notch global manufacturers offering wide range of diabetic food products:

■ Unilever Plc

■ PepsiCo Inc.

■ Nestle S.A.

■ Cadbury plc

■ The Coca-Cola Company

■ Mars Inc.

■ Kellogg Company

■ David Chapman’s Ice Cream Limited

■ Fifty 50 Foods Inc.


Through the Diabetic Food Market Survey, not only the common man would be benefited, but it also encompasses fruitful gains for established food manufacturers as well as to those planning to be the one. Since, the report estimates that by 2020, the consumers would have easy accessibility to diabetic food items; therefore it is evident that the food market for diabetic products is going to be larger and wider than ever.

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