Real Estate Market Survey for Middle East Countries- An Outlook To 2019

With a comprehensive study of the Real Estate Market Survey for Middle East Countries, you will be able to evaluate the profits borne to building or investing in residential (apartment and villas) and commercial sectors. Maintaining tandem with various macro economy factors such as inflation, housing finance, population and GDP, our research report focuses on identifying the best investment prospects for the potential investors in the real estate sector.

Major Topics Covered In the Survey Report

The market size of Real Estate market in the Middle East in terms of revenue.

Market Segmentation of retail, commercial, hotel and Residential sector in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt.

Real estate market size and agents in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt.

Market competition and Snapshot in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt.

Recent trends and development, market share and SWOT Analysis of major companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt.

Future outlook of real estate market in Middle East region.

Foreign real estate developers have invested billions and trillions of dollars into various Middle East countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and other countries. The real estate market revenues in the Middle East have augmented at a higher % during 2009-2014 and are still thriving.


In the year 2014, the UAE real estate market witnessed a surge in the investments from national as well as international investors. This quadrupled the profits in the market with a huge moderate growth rate during the year. UAE real estate market is highly competitive with around 2,206 brokers in Dubai alone. It is currently listed by Real Estate Regulatory Authority. Dubai Holdings is the largest real estate investor in the UAE. UAE real estate market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% during the period of 2015-2019.

• Saudi Arabia

The residential market in Saudi Arabia has contributed significantly to the overall supply of GLA during 2014.The region is estimated to establish dominion for 15,000 registered & unregistered real estate offices of which, 37% are based in Central region, and 29% in the Eastern and 34% in the Western region.

• Qatar

The real Estate market in Qatar has declined at a CAGR of 2.2% during the period 2009-2014. The residential segment is the largest contributor/profitable segment in Qatar. The future for the real estate market development in Qatar is booming due to the bid win of the FIFA world Cup 2022 and inclining oil revenues.

• Egypt

The real estate activities in Egypt witnessed a consistent increase or surge throughout the years from 2009-2014. The real estate market in Egypt is expected to continue its regime as the most luring real estate destination in the Middle East region. Egypt is a perfect place for long term investment as a result of better economic conditions.

• Kuwait

The Kuwait real estate market saw a huge fall in the year 2010 to 2014. But the market is projected to incline at a positive rate in the future for the period 2015-2019. Kuwait real estate market is greatly saturated among the 50 public listed companies, which includes various small and private developers.

• Jordan

Jordan’s real estate market is dominated by the commercial and residential segment. There is an intense level of competition between various registered and unregistered companies. The market is likely to flourish in the future. Thus the revenues are likely to thrive during the period 2015-2019.


The “Real Estate Market Survey for Middle East countries” is a brief real estate market outlook to 2019. In the approaching years, the Middle East regions are likely to register huge amounts of revenues. Studies show that by the year 2019, the market would showcase a positive momentum and a higher growth in demand and supply for the real estate sector.

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