How Easily Can You Submit Your Resume For Job Applications?

You have done your best in terms of education and internal training because you want to shape up your career in the most precise manner. It takes a lot of time and hard work to actually create a resume. Your resume is the first impression you are presenting your interviewers with. If they are satisfied with the resume, they will eventually call you for a round of interview, and you might end up bagging the job! But, on the other hand, if your resume isn’t impressive enough, chances are high that you might end up with missing out on the job.

After working quite hard, you have created the most authentic and professional looking resume for the company. It is going to be the front page of your professional chapter. Now the second question is ways to Submit Your Resume. There are some simple and easy tricks to follow when it comes to submitting your hard worked resume to the company for filing out its vacancy.

Have To Follow Instructions Precisely

Once you receive a letter, you have to follow the instructions as mentioned for submitting your resume. In case your current job posting states you to put the position title in the present subject line, then you better follow it. If you fail to follow these simple yet important points, chances are high that your resume might be ignored and can get to the bottom line of the pile. So, remember to follow the letter thoroughly for focusing on the instructions before submitting.

■ Sending It To Right Person

You have to use the email ID, which has been addressed in the job posting. But, you can further take this step a little further just to increase your chances of getting the job in this regard. You can try tracking down the email address of the hiring manager and also don’t forget to add his email ID in the CC part of the email. It will ensure that the hiring manager receives your resume too.

■ Converting Resume Into PDF

It is not quite a hard and fast rule for you to follow, but formatting resume into a professional style can increase your chances of winning over the spot. If your resume is in Word Doc, then the document might get displayed in a different manner once it is opened in the recipient’s computer. Do not go for the plain text based resume, which is not going to look as polished as a formatted one. Try adding bullets and columns, and even boxes to increase your chances of addressing needs. Follow this formatting rule before you get to Submit Your Resume to your favourite companies.

■ Plain Texted Version For Web Based Submission

In case you are submitting resume in web based format and not emailing it, then you might have to copy and paste multiple sections of document, into various parts of employer’s web form. Providing an unformatted and plain text resume can easily make this opportunity a lot easier for you.

■ Avoid Being Over Creative With Resume Format

A resume is not going to a place for you to experiment with formatting style. It is not a place to add some non-traditional designs or colourful variations. The primary function of a resume is always to allow employer to scan through your details as quickly as possible and also understand the highlights of your skills and experience. So, adding a bunch of creativity into resume might lower your chances of bagging the job.

On the other hand, if you are applying for a designer job, then creativity counts. Otherwise, enough white space, legible fonts and logical organization are important characteristics of a professional resume.

■ Add Cover Letter To The Email Body

Some people have this basic question in mind as where to add the cover letter. It is quite fine to attach your cover letter as separate document in the email, where you are sending the resume. However, putting text might in the body of email make it quite easier for the HR department to scan. No matter whichever option you choose, it is just fine as long as you use proper and easily understandable language in it.

It is always mandatory or you to follow all these basic norms while trying to submit the resume for your next big office interview. Remember that you are not the only one looking for that vacant spot in MNC firm.  There are so many other candidates waiting in the line. If your resume is not properly submitted, chances are high that a candidate with less skill sets than yours can bag the job. So be very careful.

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