Top Haunted Places in Kerala – Real Ghost Stories

We recognize Kerala for divine natural beauty, but most of us have not heard about Most Haunted Places in Kerala that haunt the people. Although these are not meant for faint-hearted people, but can give the goosebumps shock right away with horrible stories. Before we continue to tell you all about ghostly destination, let us tell you that what it’s like chasing after ghost. It might sound ridiculous but experience a haunted places is an adventure in itself. It brings thrill just like any other sports. The adrenaline rush that you get is incomparable and at the end you walk in the face of fear. Since we have just boosted up your confidence, here are the real haunted spots where you likely to find ghost in Kerala.

1- Lakkidi Gateway

The place is situated in Wayanad districts and is one of the express routes to get at Thamarassery pass. Since its discovery the places is considered as disturbed by restless soul. As per the tale, during the colonial times, a British engineer found Lakkidi with the help of local person Karinthandan. He wanted to attain the credit of discovery and for that he killed Karinthandan. Afterward, many travelers have claimed that they have seen soul of Karinthandan wandering at that location. An exorcism was also performed by priest to chain soul to tree and today that chain has grown with tree. Majority of passerby have heard of terrifying scream at nights.

2- Bonacaud Bungalow

If you want to witness horrendous remains during your Kerala tour then do travel here. The Bonacaud Bungalow is one of the most terrifying houses. The look of this place gives a frightening experience and at the night this Bungalow becomes horrid and no one wants to step forward out of fear. It has been told that during British rule this cottage was famous for plantation tea. One day at fateful night, the owned young children’s were died because of mysterious happening. Later the couples went back to London and many people have reported a frequent walking of young girls. Many has heard the breaking glass sound and child screaming.

3- Trichur forest

At daytime, the place is perfect for jungle safari and one can do so many things such as camping and trekking. You might think that this is definitely a place of nature lover but wait till you hear what happens at night time. When sun sets at Trichur Forest in Kerala the place took cloak of darkness and you might feel that everything is decaying. Though the mystical reason of this jungle is still unexplored but many people that have can here for an adventure claimed that they have seen ghost of boy who might have died in forest. He just stares and doesn’t harm anyone. Other than that, trekkers have also claimed that they has seen paranormal activities.

4- Sabarimala Temple

There are numerous stories associated with these ancient temples. As per the locals it was the housing of the goddess Sree Ayyappa. Calling it has a haunted place is a bit debatable topic here as locals think of this place as sacred temple where mysterious and supernatural is considered as lucky thing. As per the tale, the goddess Ayyappa defeted an evil creature in 14th century and till now every year that evil spirit tries to enter shrine and its being beaten by Ayyappa all the time.

5- Kariavattom Campus Road

It is another haunted destination in Kerala and where person walking through this road confirmed that they have seen a ghost of a person double the size of normal human being. At night nobody dares to walk at this road as it is already preoccupied by restless soul. Many people that live here claim that it’s a spirit of a girl that committed suicide in the Hymavathi pond.

So next time you travel Kerala do make sure that you voyage into these amazing locations that are capable scare the hell out of you and might give you a nightmare for couple of days, a bit piece of advice that we like to give you is that make sure that you place carefully and travel along with your friends in a group. Also do inform someone before you jump into any of these places. We hope you have the best exploration of your lifetime.

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