Top Haunted Places in Rajasthan – Real Ghost Stories

Rajasthan is famous for its rich heritage, majestic forts, palaces, and culture. But, most haunted places in Rajasthan is what gain the attention of ghost hunters and aficionado in this ‘land of Maharajas and Maharanis’. This place can be charismatic as well as fearsome. Yes you heard it right; the deserts can be strange and scary with hauling storm that increases your heartbeat and might give you so many sleepless nights. Palace intrigues, ancient time wars, and deaths has developed many horrible towns in Rajasthan. Though we are not trying to scare you, but we are trying to guide you if you are a paranormal hunter. Here are the top 9 Spooky Places in Rajasthan that are being haunted by ghost.

1- Bhangarh Fort

Located in Alwar district the fort was built was Man Singh in 17th Century as a tribute to his younger brother Madho Singh 1. The place is regarded as the most haunted place in Rajasthan and no one is allowed to stay here at night. As per the legend stories, this place is cursed by magician who was in love with princess. He tried to seduce her by her black magic but later she came to know about his plan and planned to execute her. Prior to dying, the magician cursed this land and spelled a black magic stating that “the land that Bhangarh would be ruined and not a soul would be able to live in this ground”

2- Kuldhara

Popularly known as the abandoned Ghost Town, Kuldhara Village is located at Jaisalmer and you will not find even a single person living here. This was a prosperous town of Paliwal Brahmins that was being abandoned by local people about 300 years ago. As per the myth story, Salim Singh who was the dominant prime minster of this region eyed on the daughter of the village chief and desire to marry her against on her wish. Salim warned the village that if they didn’t stick onto his wish, then they will face grave consequences. Rather than following his order, the Paliwals left their ancestor land and gone astray. But before they go, they put a curse that nobody will ever be able to settle in this village and from that day, Khuldhara is a barren land with strange psychic incident happening to someone who tried to stay here.

3- Chand Baori

Popularly known as the world deepest step well and the most haunted one too. Its reputation attracts the more glare than any city as this place is a pure combination of architecture and ghostly. The place is being disturbed by djinn that will stop you and will not let you climb up with the same stare as you have used to get down. As per the tour of many visitors, they have admitted that they have experienced the same where they believed to be anxious by Djinn.

4- Karni Mata Mandir

30 Km away from Bikaner, it is a famous Hindu temple devoted to Karni Mata located at Deshnoke and popularly known as Temple of Rats. On the word of local folklore, some time ago 20,000 army ran away from nearby battle and took shelter at Deshnoke. Their sin was their abandonment to which Karni Mata spared their lives and turned them into rats. Today the temple is a home of 20,000 rats and people visit this place to pay respect to soldier and Goddess.

5- NH-79 near Dudu Village

Roads can be scary too and they can scare hell out of you. The highway is popularly known as the Ajmer Udaipur and is one of the most haunted roads that demand blood. Located closed to village, Dudu village, has plentiful frightening stories. Long time ago when child marriage was customary a 5 day old young born girl was married to 3 year old toddler and her mother was against it. She ran toward highway along with her child to seek out help but got hit by vehicle and they both died on spot. Lots of people claimed that they saw the ghost of lady along with her baby in her arm while they driving on the NH 79.

6- Rana Kumbha Palace

One of the scariest places in Rajasthan, the Rana Kumbha Palace is a place where you get to itness the scream of women asking for help. According to local tale, the Delhi sultan attacked this place when Maharani Padmini along with 700 female followers performed the Jauhar. Travelers who stayed at this place experienced the paranormal activities and heard the voice asking for help. Most of them even witnessed lady royal attire with burnt face. The atmosphere of this place will definitely give you Goosebumps and it’s not for easy heart person.

7- The Brij Raj Bhavan Palace

A popular heritage hotel is being haunted by British Ghost who was murdered in the riot of 1857. It has been told that Major Burton was shot right inside the palace along with his sons and from that moment he’s unrest and haunts this place. The place is mysterious though and many claimed that they have seen the ghost but he never hurted them. But once a night guard was slapped by invincible hand at midnight; probably the ghostly way of saying do your job properly.

8- Jagatpura

Would you like to live with witches? If yes, then go to this place as local people actually reside with witches. The place is quite populated and many claimed that they have seen witches on the Jagatpura roads at night asking for help from visitors.

The story goes by as once there was the king of who was greedy and snobbish and villagers cursed him while dying of hunger. The ghost of villagers appears and disappears. Many has also heard shrill laughter and cry of women.

9- Sudhabay

The place is quite popular for exorcism, situated near Pushkar. Though the place is not haunted but one could definitely get frighten because of its horrifying sights. Every year the place host annual festive “Ghost Fair” where people from different region come here to relieve themselves from spirits that seize inside them. The place is not for light hearted people you might actually get faint or Goosebumps by seeing the strange rituals. Travelers who visited this place shared their opinion and they told that surrounding is spooky and not for weak hearted people.

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