Urgent Translation Services in Chennai Bangalore Pune Kolkata: Why it is Essential For Your Business?

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Urgent Translation Services in Delhi NCR India UAE Dubai and other countries. The benefit of using our service lies in the fact that, we provide you an error-free translation of your documents within 24 to 48 hours.


Prompt, Authentic and Urgent Translations

To help you get more benefit out of our services, let us describe you, what we actually are. We are associated with more than 3000 native translators across the globe, who are proficient in translating texts into numerous Indian and foreign languages. Owing to our translation expertise, we offer translation in various sectors such as- oil and gas, technical, financial, medical, legal, media and so forth.

Further, before rendering the services to client, we undertake complete process of editing and proof-reading, to ensure zero error.

Our wide range of Urgent Translation Services

1. Website and Software Translation

TridIndia helps you to increase your global sales and establish you as an international business player through authentic website and software translation services. We translate and adapt the web text and authenticate all the hyperlink text. Also, we work on various file formats such as: movable type, PO, java, Delphi, C++ and so forth.

2. Legal Translation

With thorough knowledge of legal languages, we translate all sorts of legal documents, such as transcription of an evident tape, agreements, summons and the like. Our adept team of professionals ensures that the translated content conveys exact info as stated in the original file.

3. Certificate Translation

Huge degree of expertise is a pre-requisite for undertaking. As we specialize in translating all sorts of certificates, we can provide you our services within the supposed time frame and budgetary constraint.

4. Android App Translation

At Tridindia, we not only focus on providing you value for money, but also we consider how to connect you with multilingual audience with utmost convenience. Backed by an adroit team of native translators, we translate all types of android app documents in numerous languages.

5. Market Research Translation

Now-a-days, market research is not just limited to the domestic market of the organization. It has widened up and reached to the world audience. With accurate transcription services, our team ensures to undergo editing and proof-reading for 100% accuracy.

6. Translation in Tourism and Hospitality Sector

Tourism and Hospitality Sector is considered as the world’s largest industry with huge amount of revenues. With an adroit team of native translators, we derive productive business solutions to meet your industry specific requirements. Further, with our translation services, you can easily convey your needs and requirements to your client.

7. Translation in Oil and Gas Industry

Since oil and gas are natural resources, thus this industry is the most significant industry in the world of globalization. Having a strong alliance with translators in USA, Ukraine, USSR and other Asian and European countries, we assure a prompt and accurate translation service to our deemed clients.

8. Media Translation

In order to convey specific information, one needs to target human emotions. Keeping this in mind, our seasoned team of linguists translates all forms of media, using appropriate symbolism, puns and metaphors.

How Do We Reach Our Target?

To reach our target and serve you in the best manner, we have an established step-wise system. The steps are as follows:

Email your documents to us at [email protected]

After, receiving your mail, we will send you a quote

When you confirm your approval to associate with us, we will email you a draft copy through email and post all the relevant documents in a nick of time.

You can also scan your documents or take a good quality photo, and mail it to us. We will respond you as soon as possible within 24 to 48 hours with your scanned certified translation.

To know more, call us at +91-8527599523 or send us an instant quote today.

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