Burundian Embassy in New Delhi, India

It is advisable to contact the Burundian Embassy in New Delhi, India at times for need of any emergency or consular service. If you are planning to travel to Burundi or you are a Burundian citizen, stuck into something in India, then this embassy will definitely help you out for all your problems. Also, the said embassy aims at maintain a constructive dialog between the government of both the countries.

Burundian Embassy

Documents Required

■ Passport or other travel Document
■ Legibly completed & signed application form
■ Passport-sized photos (they should be recent)
■ A letter from the employer, if you are going for employment purposes
■ Round-trip ticket

Value-Added Services

1. Accommodation

This is regarded as the major concern while someone plans for a trip. Where you will stay? What facilities will be available and what are the options for the hotels? These questions usually generate whenever you go out on a tour, especially when travelling to a non-native country. Hence, if you are travelling to India and muddled up in the arrangements for accommodation, then we are here to serve you. In contact with a number of hotels in India, we can arrange premier accommodation facilities within a short span of time.

2. Business Meetings

Most of the entrepreneurs have lined-up schedule for traveling from one country to another, in order to host and conduct professional get-togethers, conferences and business meetings. If you also have a busy schedule like this and invest a significant amount of time in making all the arrangements for reserving halls for business meetings, then you are now going to be relieved from all such worries. According to your specifications, we will arrange the venue for you in India for the peaceful implementation of your meeting.

3. Tour

Committing for fulfilling the A-Z of your travel and accommodation requirements, we arrange everything for you, right from cab to hotels and restaurants. You simply plan out a tour to India and we commit to make your trip satisfactory upto the highest possible level. The plan for tour will be yours and the arrangements responsibility for travel and accommodation will be ours.

Get Instant Translations on Your Tour

Translation has entered into each and every sphere of human activity. Thus, while you are on a tour, you can anytime encounter the need for multilingual translations. The need becomes more evident when you are travelling to a non-native country, as you might be asked to get your certificates and identity proofs translated. Here, is where TridIndia comes into play. As a leading translation entity, we offer quality-driven translations in all the Indian and foreign languages.

Always With You

With an established brand image in the international market, TridIndia commits to guide and be with you at every step where you stuck in translations or travel arrangements. Since a long time, we are helping out people to guide them the right way. Be it for travel arrangements or multilingual translation, you can always turn up to us. Further, while travelling, if you require the need of interpreter or translator, then also we can provide you the same with zero hassle.

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