Chadian Embassy & Consulate in New Delhi, India

As a legal representation of the Chadian government, this Chadian Embassy/Consulate in New Delhi, India is one of the 48 Chadian consular representations abroad. Whether it is about the visa guidelines, local climate outlook, tourist destinations and other travel information or public bank holidays; this embassy/consulate will provide you with all the relevant information.

chadian embassy and consulate

Necessary Documents

■ Valid passport with a minimum 2 blank pages
■ Original Chad visa application form that should be completed and signed by the applicant
■ One passport size photograph with a front view
■ Invitation letter from the company in Chad or relatives in chad, specifying the relationship with the applicant and the purpose of visit to Chad
■ Copy of airline tickets
■ Proof of enough funds with the applicant

Value-Added Services

1. Accommodation

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